Week 4 of the Trivia Unification Tournament

Before I provide you with this week’s recap, I need to tell a story.

It’s a story about being overconfident in a topic.

Many years ago, on a Valentine’s Day trivia night, I was in the lead and looking to run the table in my trivia game.  I realized that trivia would fall on a Valentine’s Day that night, so I tried to bone up on all sorts of Valentine’s Day trivia.  You know – stuff like “In what century was Valentine made a saint,” or “How many candies are in a standard Whitman sampler box,” stuff like that.

And sure enough, the final category question was on Valentine’s Day.  Bet the farm.  I got this like I got sunshine.

“How many people were murdered in the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre?”

Damn it.  The sun blotted out.  I whiffed on the question, and lost out on the final prize that night.

So let’s fast-forward to last night.

I was on a roll.  The Street Academy Trivia team (me) had the lead from start to final question.  This was going to be a wire to wire victory.

I was stoked.

And the final question was on “Turkey.”

Turkey?  Seriously?  A Thanksgiving Day question and the final category is on turkey?  Okay, let’s figure this out.  Because even if the category is on “Turkey,” this might not mean the big old dinner bird.  It could involve the capital of Turkey, or someone being called a jive turkey, or how many turkeys did Donald Trump pardon today (and then issue an executive order to execute all the turkeys that Barack Obama pardoned).

I bet enough to lock out my opponents, should I get the final question right.

“In what New England state can you fish at Turkey Pond?”


Are you freakin’ kidding me?

Well … I had a one in six chance of getting the answer right on a guess.

So I guessed.

And I guessed wrong.  Turkey Pond is not in Massachusetts.

It’s somewhere in New Hampshire.

Which dropped me from first place to about 8th place.  A team called Tiny Ricks won for the night.

Oh well.  Just goes to show you, you can’t always get it right.  But you can still have fun and try to do better the next time.

Or the next time after that.