On the other side of the camera, for a change.

I could sit here and take selfies all year if I wanted to.  But for a change, I wanted to have someone else take my picture.  You know … head shots and environmental portraits and all.

So when my friend Melissa Simser-Iovino was offering a “Cyber Monday” sale at her photo website Melissa Simser Photography, I figured I’d try it out.  We set up an appointment at the harness track (she’s the house photographer there).

“Bring lots of your cameras,” she said to me, “I know you’re a camera guy.”

Well, yeah, I could bring LOTS of cameras, but I also know that bringing cameras into a harness track – that has an adjoining casino, where cameras are frowned upon unless they’re hanging from the ceiling and recording your every move – might be overkill.

Still, I brought four of my shooters with me – the Nikon Df, Leica Green, the Rolleiflex and Raskolnikov.

Melissa showed up, and we’re on our way to shooting.

She guided me through different poses and concepts.  “Look here,” she said.  “Now hold this camera up.  Good.  You’re doing great.  Easy subject to work with.”

Yep, and here I am, in the bleachers at the harness track, posing and holding up my gear and having fun.

Look, for me it was a fun day.  I don’t get to be on the OTHER side of the camera.  And it’s nice to see how things look when other people are taking pictures of you, and you don’t have your left arm weirdly out of the picture because it’s holding your camera phone back at you.

After the session ended, she said she would send me my pictures very soon.  “Give me about a week,” she noted.


Less than a week later…

I received the photos.  And they look great.  I actually look like I know what the hell I’m doing with the cameras.  😀

(c) Melissa Simser Photography.
(c) Melissa Simser Photography.
(c) Melissa Simser Photography.
(c) Melissa Simser Photography.
(c) Melissa Simser Photography.

If you want to book a photo session with Melissa Simser-Iovino, her link is right here.  She also has excellent “race day” shots from the harness track, so check them out as well.

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