The Contents of Solarcan #370

Recap.  Way back in July, I installed several Solarcans – passive cameras made out of pinhole-poked beer cans and photo-sensitive paper – and set them up in various locations around St. Agnes Cemetery in Menands.

After a three-month soak, I removed Solarcan #367 from its post, scanned in the contents, and got a halfway-decent picture for my troubles.

Yesterday, I harvested another can – Solarcan #370 – and wanted to check out its contents after a six-month blaze.

First step.  Get the can.  And I should tell you, those zip ties that were holding the Solarcan in place were kinda difficult to cut loose.  I hope I don’t have problems harvesting the other two Solarcans six months from now … but I digress.

Okay.  Now to get the can open.  I need to cut this beer can camera apart.  Damn it would have been easier to open this can if it had beer in it.  That is, if I drank beer… but I digress.

Good.  Can is open.  Now to put the photo sensitive paper on the scanner and…

You see that sine wave?  That’s the path of the sun over a six month stretch.

Yeah, I know.  Needs enhancing.




Contrast adjustment.


Look what came out.

Solarcan #370. Solarcan camera, Delta Ilford photo-sensitive paper, f/132 for six months. (c) Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.

Wow.  Look at those sine waves.  I’m really on the right tangent here.  Not that I’m trying to be obtuse or anything… but you can see the trees in the foreground.  And the branches of the trees over to the side.

This is really working.  Wow.

No, let me make this clear.


Now here’s the thing.  I have two more Solarcans that have already completed a six-month blaze … and I have one more Solarcan that I’m installing somewhere else on Monday, just in time for the winter equinox … and that’s going to stay in place for a six-month roast, until the summer equinox.

Yeah, this is working.

And maybe, just maybe, one of these Solarcan photos can help me break past what has developed into a photographic goal for 2018 – get a photo into the New York State Fair and break the Syra-curse.