Two road wins for the Albany Patroons, now at 6-1 on the season!

It’s one thing to play like world-beaters at home, which the Albany Patroons have done so far.  Now it’s time to put this winning streak on the line and win some road games.

So the Patroons left Albany with a 4-1 record, hoping to pick up a win or two against the league-leading 4-0 Kentucky Thoroughbreds.

Two victories later … the Patroons are standing tall and Kentucky is wondering what hit them.

On Friday night, Shane Rector powered in 23 points and Edwin Ubiles added 20, as the Patroons dominated the Thoroughbreds, claiming a 110-107 win.

And last night, as part of a back-to-back series, Albany snapped off another win, this time 115-111 to extend the team’s winning streak to four games.  Albany’s Torren Jones had a double-double of 32 points and 11 rebounds, while Edwin Ubiles scored 25 points.  Jamario Moon hit two key clutch free throws in the end to finish the night with 21 points and 6 boards.

This also means that the Pats are on top of the NAPBL standings with a strong and staunch 6-1 record.

As if there was any doubt that a team named “Albany Patroons” would be anywhere else BUT the top of the league standings. 😀

This is nice.  As a fan of the Patroons, I’m enjoying every moment of this.  Plus, I know the Pats are going to pick up two more victories when they play the Kansas City Tornado’s later this week.  Yes, I added that apostrophe.  Yes, I know it’s technically incorrect.  Don’t blame me, it’s in the team’s logo.

But I’m still pissed about one thing.

The Patroons have a 6-1 record, they’re on top of the league standings … and the Times Union didn’t have a single word about these two victories.  Not a single one.

Of course they didn’t.  Big Hearst was more interested in doing an ersatz take on Paper Lion by running a big story on one of their reporters trying out for the Albany Empire Arena Football team.  Of course they did.  The Times Union owns the Empire Arena Football team, and they have corporate branding on the downtown arena.  So of course they’ll promote their own product over a pro basketball team with a big fat hot winning streak.

I should be used to this.  But somehow I thought things would be different.

No matter.  The Patroons do not need the blessings of Big Hearst to enjoy a 6-1 record.

So let’s take two more wins against Kansas City, and then come back for a Sunday matinee game against Rochester – who I understand gutted half their roster after starting their season 0 and 6.  Awww… (sad trombone)

Let’s go Albany!  #goldandkellygreen #bestbasketballinthearea