The GLF Embroidery Project, Part 2

One of my current projects involves the upscaling of an old burlap gunny sack into a swank artwork.  Part 1 of this project can be found at this link.

This burlap sack, originally used by GLF Grange exchange stores in rural upstate New York, had a very cool logo on the front – the letters “GLF” with the script word “Quality” below.

My plan was to use colored yarn to embroider and decorate this previously utilitarian bag into something more striking.

Already I’ve embroidered the logo with brighter, more vibrant reds – and in the squares where little GLF logos exist, I’ve converted those logos into yarn-woven flower buds.

For example, here was my first yarn-woven flower bud.

Of course, red with a green background is “okay…”

But I’m not aiming for “okay.”

I found that if you use yarn that has gradients in it – you know, where the yarn changes color from length to length – you can make one heckuva nice looking rosebud petal for your efforts.

For example…

I came up with this little endeavor.  A yarn that goes from blue to white and back to blue.  And when it’s woven into the fabric … it looks kinda awesome.

I did another rosebud – a yellow rosebud on a lime green background … and then I thought for a moment.

There’s all these black lines across the front of the sack.  And there’s a blank circular border – which, in turn, is surrounded by a black border – around the center GLF Quality logo.

I gotta find a way to make this stand out.

So I tried something.

I took a strand of thick white rope-like yarn, and stitched it down around the logo perimeter.  Once I was satisfied with the results, I then took THREE strands of rope-thick yarn, and stitched THAT down with black yarn.

Kinda looked like this.

My hypothesis was … if I stitch that rope-like yarn down, it’ll create a nice round ridge around the old logo.  Which will look very textually appealing.

Plus, if this works, I can add rope-like yarn as textural ridges throughout the rest of the sack.

Look at me, thinking outside the box.

Okay, let’s check out the progress on this project.  I took this picture Sunday night, January 28.  This is what I’ve achieved at this point in the project.

I’m trying to keep the stitches even, making sure all the background squares match up with the same directions and colors.  It still looks kinda homemade, yes … but I’m still trying to bring some sort of order to this project.

And hopefully get it done in time for Competition Season, so long as I don’t rush things or overdo the concept.

Let’s hope and see. 😀