It’s time for Trivia Bowl XIV this Saturday…

This Saturday at 1:00 p.m. at Wolf’s 1-11 in Colonie, the fourteenth annual Trivial Bowl will commence.

Wow.  Has it been that many Trivia Bowls?

Yeah, it kinda has.


I’ve participated in thirteen of the fourteen Trivia Bowls, starting with Trivia Bowl II where I participated as a guest on the Tres Hombres squad.  I’ve also participated as a combined squad with the Stern Fans in Trivia Bowl XII (we almost won, The Fist took the victory that year).

I’ve claimed the big trophy at Trivia Bowls III and VI, being only one of three teams to win Trivia Bowl twice (Stern Fans and Lynch’s Mob have also pulled the double).

I’ve seen good teams win the championship, I’ve seen good teams miss out year by year.  I’ve had guest members on my team who had issues with their own squad and needed a “we want to play, can we join up on your squad” moment.  And sometimes that works well in our favor.

How much does Trivia Bowl mean to me?  Last year I arrived at the venue with a recently surgically repaired foot.  And we came in fourth that year.

Yeah, I would like to designate Trivia Bowl XIV as my opportunity to win the chalice for the third time, the first trivia squad to ever achieve that milestone.  Even if, for me, Trivia Bowl is now part of a personal five-tournament year-long run with Summer Bowl, the Trivia Unification Tournament, Geek Bowl and the World Tavern Trivia Championships.

But I also know that competition around the trivia game is getting steeper and stronger.  And there’s no guarantee that I won’t end up missing a crateload of questions and stumble in the middle of the pack.

Still … whatever it takes … I have to try.  You don’t go upu to bad with the mindset that you’re planning on striking out with three straight pitches.

You have to stay focused and motivated and determined.  You can study all day and all night … and the final question will have some connection to a topic that was buried in a memory from grade school or something.

That’s the only way you can operate when it comes to trivia.

So bring on the questions.

I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.

Either with a big fat Trivia Bowl win …

Or the first team to walk over and congratulate the winners.

That’s how it’s done.