Please Pittsburgh Steelers … draft Shaquem Griffin.

So there’s this linebacker from the University of Central Florida that’s been tearing up his division like crazy.

He’s amazed scouts at the NFL combine.

And the Pittsburgh Steelers could really use a pass-rushing linebacker right now.

So, as a trusted and loyal fan of the Black and Gold … I beg you …

Please, Pittsburgh Steelers, when the NFL draft rolls up…

Use one of your seven draft picks to claim UCF linebacker Shaquem Griffin.

Let me explain.

Griffin, whose twin brother currently plays in the NFL for Seattle, was born with a birth defect – his left hand did not develop properly due to a condition called amniotic band syndrome.  When he was four years old, Shaquem’s hand was amputated to save his life.  Despite that, the kid excelled in sports, and eventually became a starter at UCF.

Watch him in these highlight clips, he wears #18 for UCF.  Watch him and be astonished.

So now it’s time for the NFL Combine, where prospective players perform to the best of their abilities.  And with a prosthetic brace to cover his missing left hand, watch Shaquem Griffin at the bench press.  Count how many reps he does.

That’s twenty reps.

Twenty freakin’ reps with one good hand and one prosthetic hand.

Next up for Shaquem Griffin – the 40-yard dash.  Up to the line, start the time.

Four minutes, thirty-eight seconds.  In case you’re wondering, this is the fastest 40-yard dash speed recorded by a linebacker IN TEN YEARS.

Dude’s got power, dude’s got speed.

And if he was in a lineup with the Steelers’ hungry, physical defensive line… oh my God just give us the damn Lombardi Trophy right freakin’ now.

Here’s the thing.  I don’t want Shaquem Griffin on the team just because he’s missing a left hand.

I want Shaquem Griffin on the team because he’a an amazing pass rusher, he can force fumbles and he can disrupt offenses.  This is the kind of power that the Steelers need.

We’ve got all the other components.  We’ve got the best wide receiver in the NFL in Antonio Brown, and you add Martavis Bryant and Juju Smith-Schuster to that combo.  We’ve got the best running back in the NFL in Le’Veon Bell, and you can add James Conner to that mix as well.  Our quarterback is a future Hall of Famer.  Our kicker Chris Boswell could knock down a 60-yard try in a Nor’Easter, that’s hwo good he is.

One more weapon.  One more weapon is all we need to get past the Patriots and punch our ticket for our seventh Super Bowl championship.

And if the Steelers draft Shaquem Griffin …

Just make that damn championship ring right now, don’t waste time.

Yoi and Double Yoi!!