Wait, wait … NBC’s Timeless is coming back this week?

Last year, four of the major broadcast networks debuted time-travel programs.  Two were based on movie properties – ABC’s Time After Time (H.G. Wells chases Jack the Ripper to modern-day New York), and the CW’s Frequency (modern-day police detective communicates with father from 20 years ago through ham radio).  One was a comedy, Fox’s Making History (yeah, we’ll skip that one), and one was an action-drama – NBC’s Timeless.

You remember Timeless, don’t you?

Here’s a refresher video.

Okay, I admit, I started watching the show – heck, if the program has Dr. Kovac from ER and Edison Carter from Max Headroom, I’m there.  Plus, I understand that the main characters – historian Lucy, soldier Wyatt and timeship operator Rufus – were essentially portraying the roles of our own observers, as we view history from our perspective – as opposed to viewing it in the moment that it actually happened.  They have the prescience and the knowledge of future events.

Timeless was an okay show – a decent Monday evening diversion – and on occasion, the stories were decent.  Sometimes the characters got a bit too hokey, and there was plenty of coincidence as to when and where the time travelers would end up and with whom they would interact.  Yeah, there was also some over-arcing plot thread about a powerful organization that wanted to use the time machine to control history, but that’s usually when I went to the fridge for a diet cola.

After sixteen episodes, Timeless ended its season on a cliffhanger.  Then the show – along with the other three time-traveling programs – were cancelled.

Three days later … Timeless got renewed for a ten-episode second season, to air on Sunday nights at 10:00 p.m.


No, seriously.  It’s coming back for a second season.

YouTube clips don’t lie.

In fact ,the second season now adds a new wrinkle in time.  Sorry, I had to use that reference.

What if this Illuminati-like organization – the Rittenhouse group – planted agents throughout history in an effort to disrupt the flow of history itself?  And what if the Time Team – Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus – and even resident bad guy Gabriel Flynn – needed to recruit famous people IN history to help undo the damage?

Yeah, I’m still trying to wrap my head around the concept.  But …

So already I’ve discovered that in Season 2, the Time Team will travel to the start of World War I, then to the 1950’s at a NASCAR race, and then to the 1940’s and a Hollywood scandal.  And that’s just the first three episodes.  I don’t even think the TARDIS moved that quickly.

All right, Timeless … you earned a second chance and ten more episodes.  Don’t make me regret tuning in.  I had my heart broken by three cancellations of genre shows last year – Emerald City, Time After Time and Blood Drive.

Make your second chance count.

Because if you can’t do that …

I can always switch over to new episodes of Westworld on HBO in April.