“It’s not that cold, man … roll down your window.”

Last week, I went to the drive-thru teller window of my bank to drop off some checks and make a withdrawal.  Rolled down the window, chatted with the teller, gave her my checks, took a few dollars for myself, rolled up the window, and drove off.

And then my window went back down.


I must have accidentally bumped the automatic window controls wiht my elbow or something.  Okay, back up the window goes ….

And it went right back down.

Okay, Dracourage, stop horsing around.  That was funny the first time, not funny the second time.

After several attempts, I was able to finesse the window back up to a closed and protected position … but … now I’m worried.  Any thought of going through a drive-through or the like would concern me.  What if the window just doesn’t go back up at all?

And we’ve had a series of Nor’Easters charging through our area.  I don’t need to be reminded of how cold it gets in upstate New York.  And I don’t need to experience the snowfall first-hand.

Okay, time to see if that vehicle service contract I bought at DePaula Chevrolet actually works.

Here we go.

Monday morning, bright and early, I take Dracourage to DePaula Chevrolet.

“What seems to be the trouble, Mr. Miller?”

“Watch,” I said, as I rolled up the driver’s side window – and with both hands clearly visible, the window went to the closed position – and then slowly slid down to an open position.  “Look ma, no hands.”

“We’ll get that fixed for you.”

A few hours later, the diagnosis came through – somehow, Dracourage’s onboard computer needed a readjustment, the window was picking up a pinch point that wasn’t there – normally the window registers a “pinch point” so that you don’t get the window pinching your fingers or anything else.  Sort of like the pinch point a garage door has to keep from crushing your foot when it closes.

A reprogramming of the computer – and a scheduled fuel injection cleaning – and Dracourage is fit and ready to go.

Which is great.  Listen, when you’re not making payments on your car every month, that extra money is now available should you need to effect car repairs.  And although the window was covered under the vehicle service contract, there was still a deductible.  Nothing comes for free. 😀

Oh, and one more thing about my 2013 Chevrolet Cruze and me.

The odometer just passed 50,000 miles.  I’m more than one fifth of my driving distance from here to the moon.  And at least one-third of my driving distance from the odometer of my first car, the ’91 Pontiac 6000.

And the worst thing to worry about was a driver’s side window from a car that wanted me to experience an upcoming Nor’Easter like it was a 360° surround cinema.