Albany Patroons 117, Yakima Sun Kings 99 – Albany back in first place!!

Saturday night, I didn’t even want to blog about the game.  The Patroons were dominated from tipoff to buzzer by the visiting Sun Kings, and Albany slipped out of first place.

Sunday afternoon required a little time for a change.  A bit of a rally cry.

And I did my part.

Normally I attend Patroons games and wear a throwback game-worn jersey, I have several to choose from in my personal collection.

This time, though, I went with a T-shirt I bought at the souvenir stand on Saturday.

Ready to rock at the Armory!

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That’s right.  You got a problem with a man who wears pink?

Good.  Didn’t think you had a problem with a man who wears pink.

Then the game started.  And the Patroons basically beat on the Sun Kings.  Beat them like they stole something.   38-18 in the first quarter, en route to a massive 117-99 triumph and a reclamation of first place in the NAPB standings.  Holla.

And while the Patroons completely dismantled the Sun Kings, I just went around the arena, from side to side, getting slow-mo dunks and slams and layups.

Let’s start with Xavier Moon.

Awesome slam from @moonpie_02 Xavier Moon – X gonna give it to ya!! #patroons

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How about DeAndre Thomas getting the open jumper…

Wanna see @thefamily6 score? Sure you do! #patroons

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Preach on, Big Beef…

Edwin Ubiles had 27 points, here’s two of them.

Edwin Ubiles just makes it look so easy. #Patroons

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Hey, let’s show some slow-mo love for Stephen Cunningham!

How about a slam from Steven Cunningham? )es please!!! #patroons

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This game was so lopsided, Sajie Pryor got playing time.  And he also received SCORING TIME on an alley-oop!

Even Sajie Pryor gets the slo mo love! #Patroons

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Man, this is so much fun.  Awesome game, fantastic Sunday, I had a great time.

And my Xavier Moon video even got retweeted by the cameraman from WTEN!

Of course, it seems like each night the Patroons are playing against two opponents – the one on the court and the one at 645 Albany-Shaker Road.

Let me explain.

At a time when the Patroons COULD receive the support of the local media, the Times Union’s Tim Wilkin continued to marginalize this squad.  This weekend, he wrote a piece that essentially reminded everyone of the 1987-88 Patroons (the team that went 48-6 and won the franchise’s second CBA championship) by interviewing, of all people, Jim Coyne.

Yeah.  You can read the article here at this link, which includes the part about the paper giving grief to the current Patroons iteration for their low attendance numbers.

Couple of things to get here.  The Times Union does not want the Albany Patroons in the area.  They would rather you bought season tickets for the Albany Empire Arena Football team – you know, the one that plays at the Times Union center, and whose majority owner is the Times Union newspaper itself.  Then again, it is Big Hearst, the media company that brought us the term “yellow journalism.”

And Wilkin couldn’t be bothered to cover the Patroons’ current iteration, he’d rather barf up a piece he probably wrote a couple of weeks ago.  Trust me.  I want the Patroons to make the playoffs, for two reasons – (1) to win a championship, and (2) to keep Tim Wilkin from going to the Kentucky Derby, which he wants to do.

So let’s go Albany!  The championship is ours for the taking!  Let’s win this thing!

This is the fun part of being a Patroons fan and being a supporter of local professional basketball.

Cheering on the winners when others would tell you to ignore the results.

Yeah.  Bring on Kansas City.

Two more wins on the way.