Pimp My Hot Wheels

As a kid, I loved die-cast cars.  Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Johnny Lightning – they were all super-awesome.  I had the orange track, I had the “launch the cars off the table” starting gate, even a loop-de-loop feature.

Lately I’ve been hooked on this cool YouTube channel.  YouTube user “baremetalHW,” takes beater Hot Wheels and other diecast cars, and restores them.

This stuff is fascinating to watch.

Trust me on this.

One of the cool things about this video series is that the guy shows how, step by step and clip by clip, he takes apart these classic cars – removes old, oxidized paint – and restores these vehicles to showroom glory.

For example, take a look at the restoration job he did on this 1968 Hot Wheels Mustang car.

He also has various videos in which he demonstrates his disassembly, stripping, repainting and restoring techniques.  Such as this video, for example, where he shows how to remove the metal posts that hold the Hot Wheels chassis to its base.

Then again, if you want to polish these old Hot Wheels cars down to their base level …

This video, in which baremetalHW restores a classic “Sweet Sixteen” Deora vehicle (the “Sweet Sixteen” refers to the first sixteen cars Hot Wheels sold in blister packs way back in 1968), got me hooked on watching these videos.  It’s kinda cool and makes me want to go get some old Hot Wheels cars and … shall we say … experiment a bit.

Then when you get past the basics, you can have some serious fun … with dipping your diecast car in acrylic swirled paint to get that 1960’s “peace and love” appearance.

Or, if you really want to have some fun, you can add thin coats of “Spectraflame” paint to your Hot Wheels vehicle – “Spectraflame” gets its name from the reflective, shiny paint that was first placed on highly polished Hot Wheels vehicles.  And it still looks hella awesome.

See, these videos are fun to watch and they give me ideas for future projects that DON’T involve Hot Wheels … maybe including airbrushing or disassembly or the like.

Now if I could find a Hot Wheels replica of a 1991 Pontiac 6000… 😀