Crimson and Clover is all I have left…

In my third (and likely final) attempt to grow the rare “skeleton flower,” the diphyllia grayi, I bought four skeleton flower plants from the nursery.  I put them in separte pots, and I named each one after – just for luck – a Tommy James and the Shondells song.

This is what I want.  Those delicate white petals that turn clear when rainwater kisses them.

Well, of the four plants …

“Hanky Panky” barely sprouted a stalk.

“Mony Mony” didn’t even sprout.

“Crystal Blue Persuasion” did give me a stalk, and then it just plain died.

I still have hope, though.. as one plant … the “Crimson and Clover” plant … has sprouted to a full leaf.

I’ve got the umbrella leaf.  Now I just need the white petals.

I’m still carefully watering the plant, and I also bought a spray bottle to spritz water on the leaves and keep them moist.

And I keep thinking to myself … why am I even trying this?  Just because I want a photo?  That’s my answer?

Well … yeah … kinda.

See, it’s not just the photo.  It’s the discipline of trying to grow a plant and keep it alive.  Yeah, I could get a cactus or some zinnias or maybe an indoor fern …

But what’s so fun about those?

Maybe I’m just growing restless in my old age.  This can happen.  But a lot of this is turning into personal discipline.  Don’t take the plants outdoors just yet.  Don’t forget to water them.  Don’t over-water them.  And most of all, don’t give up.

Don’t give up.  How simple that sounds.  Simple, yet deceptively complicated.

This is what I have to do.  This is how I must complete my task.

I can’t give up now.  Heck, when I got this plant, it was just a root in some dirt.  And I got this far with it.

This is called positive motivation.

And maybe this plant needs some plant music to grow and bloom and thrive.

Yeah, I’m pulling out music by South Korean balladeers.  This is how involved I am in this project.

Maybe with this plant, I’m learning that I might not win every challenge.  Heck, Thomas Edison messed up the creation of the incandescent light bulb at least 99 times.

Right now I’ve failed to grow this plant to fruition – figuratively and literally – just a few times.  If Edison can persevere … then so can I.

All right, Crimson and Clover … all my money’s on you right now.

I believe in you.

Give me a reason to keep believing.

UPDATE: As I was leaving home this morning …

Look what I saw in the “Mony Mony” pot.

I think that’s a little green sprout…

Looks like a little green sprout…

Maybe …