Yes, the Albany Patroons are going to the NAPB Championship…

And now it boils down to a three-game series.  The Albany Patroons and Yakima Sun Kings, longtime Continental Basketball Association rivals, will face each other in a three-game series to determine the North American Premier Basketball championships.  Game 1 is Thursday night, Game 2 is Saturday night, and Game 3 (if necessary) on Sunday.

And before I get into this morning’s blog, let’s show some love to the This That and the 3rd podcast, I’m appearing on this podcast as a special guest.  Really good podcast.  You should listen.

Obviously, I want a good, solid series with plenty of action and may the best team win.

And by “best team,” I mean the one that wears the colors of gold and kelly green. 😀

Now I realize I might be a bit of a “homer” rooting for my team, but let me explain this in very simple terms.

Or better yet … this is 2018 … let me explain this in the current communications currency.

Internet memes.

Joseph Ducreux - we art dutch landowners who were the first settlers in the hudson river area we are the original albany patroons

First World Problems - went to the times union for February patroons game scores it's now mid-may

Success Kid - Put down $20 that lloyd johnson would score at least 50 points in a game this year beat the spread

Captain Picard - our enemies will never get past those moons no one gets past xavier and jamario

Yeah If You Could Just - yeah if you could just hand the championship trophy over to the patroons already that would be great

Pulp Fiction - challenge deandre thomas to the hoop one more time...

I will Find You Meme - i don't know who you are but you will not stop edwin ubiles from posterizing you

Pawn Stars Rick - you think the sun kings are going to win this championship? let me call a buddy of mine, he specializes in delusional concepts

All right.  Now let’s have some fun.

First game of the playoffs is Thursday night.  Albany’s ready.

Let’s do this.