I warned you, you filthy credit card scammers…

What did I recently say?  If you scammers, telemarketers and swindlers continue to cold call me and try to steal my money, I’m going to clown you in my blog.  And I’m going to record the clowning so that EVERYONE can hear how stupid you are.

Case in point.

“Chad” from “Credit Bureau” called me yesterday, and wanted to offer me a low interest rate – as low as 0% – if I speak to a customer service representative.

And when I get to the customer service representative, he tries to tell me that I’m a good credit card payer, I pay most of my bill on time and above the amount (like most people do), and that he can lower my interest rate.

Okay, let’s test him out.  How much do I owe?

He says I owe at least $4,000 and that I have a credit card interest rate of above 12%.  Big deal.  Most people who have credit cards have that kind of debt and that kind of interest rate.  Next thing you’re going to tell me is you can guess my height and weight and month of birth, and if you get it wrong, I win a kewpie doll.

Okay, let’s test it.  How much do I owe and on what card?

He says he needs my credit card so he can pull up the file.  The file he supposedly has already pulled up.

So after I’ve caught him in a lie … he hangs up.

Good thing I have his sorry ass on tape, ain’t it? 😀

And I know this won’t be the last time I deal with these clowns.

But for now … any time you guys call me and try to sell me on something I don’t want, or claim that my computer is infected and you need my bank account to un-infect it, or if you try to sell me another vehicle services contract for a car that was destroyed TWO YEARS AGO … you will be recorded, you will be rickrolled, and your ignorance will be posted right here on this blog for everyone to see.

And if you don’t want me to do this?

Then don’t call me.  Plain and simp simps.