I see you, little hummingbird…

So I’m currently on vacation this week, a much needed getaway from the world.  And in that getaway, sometimes you need to relax and enjoy a porchside meal at a white tablecloth restaurant.

Which I did last night.

Outside my dining window was a small hummingbird feeder.  Nice.  Maybe if I’m lucky, I’ll see one of those flying darts as he enjoys a sip of nectar.

And sure enough, the feeder was hopping with a barrage of hummingbirds.

Okay… let’s see if I can get a shot of these little guys.

BlackBerry KEYone camera phone at the ready… and…


Got him just as he was flying away.

I gotta get these guys to slow down.  Can’t get a decent picture while they’re zooming past.  Especially with a camera phone that can barely take photos and video and slow motion…

Slow motion.  Of course.

Hummingbird … meet BlackBerry KEYone slow mo.

And would you look at that.  About halfway through the picture, you can see the slowed-down hummingbird as he flies up to the feeder, gets a couple of shots of nectar, and scoots away.  Awesome.

Of course, now I want to get a hummingbird feeder and some hummingbird-specific plants and get some more shots of these guys.

Only next time, it won’t be with a camera phone.

It’ll be with a digital DSLR and a high-speed lens.  Maybe a nice 55mm lens with an f/1.2 aperture.

Yes it will.