“The Guys Get Shirts,” 2018 edition

Man, the Pentatonix concert at SPAC last night was absolutely amazing.  Totally worth it.  Unobstructed seats in the amphitheater, awesome comapny, all is right with the world.

That, plus upgrading to the “Privileged Parking” meant that my date and I were able to get out of the parking lot after the concert in less than five minutes.  I’ve learned plenty of SPAC tricks in my time.  😀

And after dropping my date off and going home myself, I found something in my mailbox.


It’s my T-shirt for the upcoming World Tavern Trivia nationals.

Yep.  This year’s event isa formal.  Or as the event is being advertised, the “Second Chance Prom.”

And there we are at 0:32 of the video clip, holding up that big Publishers Clearing House-sized prize check for our first place triumph.

Since this year’s theme is “Second Chance Prom,” my team captain, Tim Rich, sent me my official tuxedo T-shirt for the prom.  Ha.  This is great.

It almost reminds me of the T-shirts that Paul Anka’s band was NOT supposed to wear on stage, because let’s face it, you don’t want to piss Paul Anka off.  Because when he moves, he slices like a hammer.

Tim also sent word that after this 2018 event, World Tavern Trivia won’t be hosting an annual trivia get together – future trivia championships with the company will be held quarterly and held online.  He was not happy.

“Not to worry,” I told him.  “We’ll do our best, and all we need to do is win this year and Stir Crazy will retire the event as two-time undefeated champions.  Plain and simple.”

Of course, my writing that on my blog means that 36 other trivia teams have printed out my blog and pasted it on their team bulletin boards.

No matter.  We’re Stir Crazy, 2017 World Tavern Trivia Champions.  We’re the team on top of the mountain, we’re the squad other teams have to face.

And let’s face it.  We are the guys … and the guys got shirts.

That’s right.  We’re Stir Crazy.  That’s right, we bad!

Or do I have to post this reminder clip again?

The World Tavern Trivia national championships are September 23rd and 24th in Atlantic City.

It’s going to be great.

And I can’t wait.  😀