Albany Patroons 109, San Diego Waves 92 – Patroons move to 3-0

Last week, it was a 60-point blowout of the New York Court Kings that pushed Albany to 2-0 in the young TBL basketball season.

Friday night, their bench kept Albany in the lead most of the night, as the San Diego Waves fell to Albany 109-92.

By the way, I should mention this new kid on the Patroons roster named Jordan Robertson.

Big old point guard from Colgate.  Last week, he was so new that the team didn’t even have him on the official scoring roster prior to game time.  This time, he was not only on the scoring roster, he led the team in scoring with 23 points on 8-for-10 scoring from the floor, including a perfect 5-for-5 from the free throw line and a pair of clutch three-pointers in the fourth quarter.

Albany was also led in scoring by Darius Paul, whose 22 points included three three-pointers. Edwin Ubiles (15), Lloyd Johnson (11) and Steven Cunningham also scored in double figures for the Patroons.

For the second game, John Longton and I called the broadcast for the Internet viewers.  And since there were some new viewers from San Diego, I took a moment to answer one burning question.

Simple answer.  “Dutch landowners who were the first settlers in our area, their lands and neighborhoods were known as Patroons.”

There.  Now you know.

Also – here’s a tip – if you’re going to sit in the front row AND you’re wearing an expensive fur coat, it’s probably a good idea to not order red wine.  True story.  A fan was in the front row, she had on a fur coat that looked like there were plenty of minks and ermines and whatnot … and she and her friends were having some wine … when, all of a sudden, Albany’s Sajae Pryor and a San Diego player dove for a loose basketball, and the San Diego player crashed into the woman, knocking her over and spilling all the red wine on her fur coat.

Hey, you pay the big dollars, you get to sit up close to the action.  Maybe next time, invest in a Riesling.  😀

Still, it was another great win for the Patroons, who move up to 3-0 and remain undefeated in TBL action.  This is great.  Totally great.

Let’s keep it that way.