Considering the new DC Universe streaming channel…

I recently acquired the upgraded Apple TV unit, and after installing it and connecting it to my home computer network and adding all my normal streaming channels – I saw the option to add the DC Universe streaming service.

I gotta think about this.

I’ll probably add it at some point – the price is reasonable enough – but what does this DC Universe streaming channel offer me?

So here’s what I’ve found out so far.

The DC Universe streaming service has its own television series, including a live-action Teen Titans series where Robin – er, his adult ego as Nightwing – runs afoul of the Comics Code Authority.

There’s also a brand-new third season of the animated series Young Justice, which originally ran on Cartoon Network and had some extremely compelling and well-written stories about the junior super-powered teams – this is the third season that fans of the original series demanded.

The DC Universe streaming service also has some classic TV series, including the George Reeves Superman series from the 1950’s, the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman series from the 1970’s (yes please), and – surprisingly – the 2002 series Birds of Prey, an attempt to bring the classic female superhero team of Oracle, Black Canary and Huntress (well, that’s what they were in the comics) to the small screen.  Trust me, if you can follow all the convoluted plot lines on Gotham, you can handle this.

Oh yeah, and their Superman offerings – they even have the original Kirk Alyn movie serials from WAAAAY back in the day.

Now this I have to see.

Okay, yeah, I’m still on the fence with this.  I love the Wonder Woman 70’s TV series, but I can watch that on Saturday nights on ME-TV for free.  I can do the Superman serials on YouTube.  Maybe the new Titans series, maybe the Young Justice series…

I need something that will really pique my interest.

Wait … is that the Doom Patrol?

Holy shit is that Negative Man and Robotman and Elasti-Girl?

And are they with Cyborg?

Okay, this is a game changer.  See, the Doom Patrol were one of the earliest “outsider” superhero teams, in which their super powers took a backset to their constant infighting and squabbles.  There’s been plenty of discussion that the Doom Patrol’s comic book line came out at about the same time as did Marvel’s X-Men series, and whether one influenced – or ripped off – the other is a matter of discussion and debate.

But they’re making a Doom Patrol live action series?

Okay, DC Universe, you convinced me.  I’ll sign up.

But if you’re going to do all this …

Can you at least throw us a bone and add this TV series to your viewable lineup?  Pretty please with a classic souped-up Lincoln Futura concept car on top?


Really simple, DC Universe.  Give me what I want … and I’ll give you the money you want.

And you already got me at Doom Patrol. 😀