Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 7 SPOILERS!

I’ve watched Game of Thrones for the past eight seasons.  And although it seems that last Sunday’s episode, “The Iron Throne,” was listed as the series finale, for some reason my Apple TV listed an extra episode.  Maybe it was an accident, maybe it was an Easter egg.

But sure enough, apparently HBO made one more episode, which they were allegedly going to spring on viewers as a special bonus on Sunday.

Why it ended up as viewable on my Apple TV I have NO idea.

So I started watching it.  Yep, it came right up, the full static-to-HBO-logo and “la-a-a-a” beginning.  Then we got the whole “Dungeons and Dragons” opening credits.  Holy crap, it’s a hidden episode of Game of Thrones.

So if you don’t want to know what happened on Episode 7 of Season 8 … better turn away now.

Everything looks calm.  The Unsullied and the Dothraki are sailing towards the golden beaches of Naath.  The show spends countless moments watching the Unsullied disembark on the shores of Naath, where they are welcomed by the locals as conquering heroes, the champions of the battle against the Night King and in the War of King’s Landing.  It is there that they meet Drogon, who still has Danereys’ lifeless body and is watching over her.  Six Unsullied take the body and, with help from the Dothraki, provide their Khaleesi with a proper funeral.

It is only halfway through the episode when the Dothraki start dying off – along with the Unsullied, who encounter a strange illness.  It is explained later that the lands of Naath are only habitable by residents who have built up biological immunity defenses to the surrounding ecology, and the Unsullied and Dothraki were not exposed to the designs of this land.

Meanwhile, back at Castle Black, Jon Snow is currently training wildlings and free folk as new soldiers and regiments in the Night’s Watch.  The charred remains of the Wall have been modified – in stead of a big gouge, it now contains a pathway for easy travel from the wintry North to warmer lands.  But something is happening that captures Jon Snow’s attention – a wildling with bright blue eyes and a desire to bite and attack others has been discovered.  Jon battles this wildling and pierces him with a piece of dragonglass … the wildling falls down.  Then he gets up again.  Apparoaching the battle is a new White Walker – a young boy.  This is the boy that the Night King touched way back a few seasons ago.  He is now the son of the Night King, and has all of the Night King’s powers – plus, those that he touches do not die when cut by dragonglass or by Valeryian steel.  And they cannot be destroyed by fire.  Oh shit.

Meanwhile, Winterfell is in a major rebuilding effort, as Queen in the North Sansa Stark, first of her name, tries to restore her family land to greatness.  It is only then that she discovers usurpers from a new, previously-unmentioned house, House Tewdohr (I don’t know, maybe it’s one of George RR Martin’s unfinished books), who in the course of the episode infiltrate Winterfell, and their leader, Ohnri Tewdohr, who I understand is the eighth of his name, forcibly marries Sansa to combine the Stark and Tewdohr houses together.  Ah, political intrigue at its best.

And what’s going on in King’s Landing?  Not much, the place still looks like a barbecue morgue.  We spend half the episode traveling through its burned-out streets and alleys.  But what’s this?  Over in the corner?  Pulling himself out of the rubble, with scars and fire all over his body?  Holy crap, it’s Sandor Clegane!  He survived the fall!  He survived the fire!  He survived Cleganebowl!  Oh wait … another body claws through the rocks.  It’s his brother Gregor Clegane.  And we get Cleganebowl II!  This battle lasts for at least ten minutes, and just as both men are about to land the crushing, final sword strikes on each other –

End credits.


No that can’t be the way the show ends!  This episode was only two hours long, there has to be more!

Well, it’s certainly better than how the show ended last Sunday.

So I’m going to watch and see if another episode pops up on my Apple TV in a few days.

If not … at least I can start watching the new Westworld or The Deuce or maybe even the re-interpretation of Watchmen.

Just a thought…