Luke Skywalker and Captain Kirk … FIGHT!!

When it comes to the discussion of which science fiction franchise tops all – whether it involves the Enterprise and Vulcans and Borg in Star Trek, or the Millennium Falcon and the Jedi and the Sith in Star Wars … well, the choice is up to you.  I love them both with rather equal fervor, and there are parts of both that I can definitely live without.  Jar Jar Binks, Ash Tyler/Voq, I’m pointing at both of you.

So recently, one of the Mars rovers found a rock outcropping that has a very distinct shape to it.  A shap that … for all intents and purposes … looks remarkably like the outline of a Star Trek communications badge.

Now that does look like a Star Trek comm badge … of course, if you look at it from another angle, it could be a Nike swoosh or a Newport cigarettes logo, but hey, a chevron is a chevron.

So this apparently caused actor William Shatner – you might know him from TV appearances as T.J. Hooker, or his narration for TV shows like Rescue 911… to make this post.

Which, of course, meant that actor Mark Hamill, who found fame and fortune as the voice of the Joker in various Batman animated TV shows … had to respond.

Of course, the Twitter battle between Captain Kirk and Master Luke – sorry – William Shatner and Mark Hamill has been pretty funny about this little Mars outcropping.


But then again, when it comes to outer space rock outcroppings and formations of that nature …

Check this one out and let me know what you think it looks like.

By the way … you ever notice that this kind of stuff never happens where we see a space formation that looks like a TARDIS?  Just sayin’ is all…

And if we’re going to have Captain Kirk v. Luke Skywalker … couldn’t we have it this way instead?