The Garfield Fleming experience – whether it’s 1981 or 2019…

You would have to be a really dedicated fan of early 1980’s club music to know about Garfield Fleming.  Fleming was a former member of the legendary soul group The Delfonics, joining the group after their early 1970’s hits – but taking part in some successful tours with the group.

In 1981, Fleming recorded a solo track, “Don’t Send Me Away,” on the tiny New York City-based Becket Records label.  Becket’s big notoriety was in the dance clubs around New York City, and this song received plenty of spins on the club turntables.

That was recorded in 1981.  The record itself is a 12″ collector’s classic, and if you purchased it back in the day, you probably purchased some other classic early 80’s club hits like Indeep’s “Last Night a DJ Saved My Life,” or Delroy Morgan’s “I’ll Do Anything For You” (also on Becket), or maybe “D” Train’s “You’re The One For Me” or Secret Weapon’s “Must Be the Music” or Taana Gardner’s “Heartbeat” or … yeah, great, great songs from the New York City club scene.

But here’s the deal.  We’re going to move forward to 2019.  And Garfield Fleming is shopping around at an outdoor market in Paris … when, as he peruses through the record racks … someone puts a certain 1981 song on the turntable and plays it through the outdoor speakers.

And Garfield Fleming – hearing that song – just bursts out in joy.  He starts performing the song right in the outdoor market.  And the shoppers love it.  They’re dancing, they’re  filming, they’re all having a great time.

Take a look at this fun footage.

Wow.  Let me tell you something right now.  Garfield Fleming could give David Ruffin or Levi Stubbs or Eddie Levert a run for their money.  Even nearly 40 years after this track was recorded… just awesome.

So take this for a second.  If you’re having a day that’s nothing but rotten … just remember, no matter how bad the day is, you could still watch this video and enjoy a man celebrating the re-discovery of his 40-year-old disco hit.

That’s fine by me. 😀