Holy Crap, LensCulture wrote my review!

I had given up hope.

Last year, I submitted five of my black-and-white images – Washington County 2:30 a.m., The Jumbuck, Farrell, The Walkway and Lane 2 to an online competition.  The competition, organized by a photography company called LensCulture, promised that if I paid an additional fee, I would receive a professionally-written review of my work.  Something i can build on.

A few months later … nothing.

By June, I was so frustrated about the fact that I had paid for a review – and never received one – that I blogged about it.  It wasn’t just me – I had friends of mine who also submitted their photos and never received their written reviews.

Eventually something happened.  LensCulture finally listened to us.  They reached out to my friend Melissa first (she of Melissa Simser Photography, definitely worth checking out), and then they contacted me.  There was some mutter-mutter about our review requests falling through the cracks … fine, whatever.

Yesterday, I received my review from LensCulture.

Now the LensCulture review is an anonymous one, but it is supposed to have come from a respected photography expert.  I’ll take that.

And just to show you that LensCulture finally did make right on the situation… I’ve listed the review, along with the five photographs I entered (which the reviewer rearranged in order of strongest to weakest).


Washington County, 2:30 am. (c) 2018 Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.
The Jumbuck. Photo by Chuck Miller.
Farrell. (c) Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.
The Walkway. Photo by Chuck Miller.

Lane 2. Photo by Chuck Miller.

A few thoughts.  I totally understand what the reviewer is saying, and I do need to work on more contrast in my pictures, especially the older ones.  I have used LomoChrome Purple a couple of times, but I felt it was more of a “tint” film than an infrared process, so I really haven’t used much of it.  And the idea of the Christmas lights – then rewinding the film and re-shooting – is intriguing.

But I will say this.  It’s enough to actually make me consider entering another LensCulture competition.  Oh here’s one that the reviewer recommended – a competition involving alternative photography.

Hmm… you mean like splitfilm?  Covered.  Cross-processing?  Got it.  Distressed film?  Nailed it.  Expired film?  Check.  Hell, this is like asking Aaron Judge if he likes fastballs.

Okay.  Five more pictures entered.  And another payment for the professional review of my work.

Let’s hope this turns out to be successful.

In other words … I’m giving you a second chance, LensCulture.  Let’s make this work.

Oh, and much thanks for the review.  Definitely some things to look into.