In case of emergency … my data’s on the keychain.

Let’s assume the worst.  Something happens to me.  Something tragic.

Now outside of the entire staff of the Albany Times Union having a parade upon hearing the news …

What if a rescue worker found me – and needed to know my medical conditions?  Or who to contact in case of an emergency?  If I’m unconscious, I certainly can’t tell them.  And they’re not going to look all this up in my blog and try to figure it out that way…

So I just got this new device – it’s a keychain USB storage device, and while it normally looks like a cute little keychain fob, it contains all my pertinent medical and contact information as needed.  A rescue worker can take my car keys, rotate the top of the key, and then plug the fob into a laptop and get the information needed.

The fob contains one file, listed as “EMERGENCY.”  The emergency file can be customized with my name, the medications I take, my contact information, the parties I wish to list as immediate contacts, my allergies, my doctor’s information, etc.

Oh, and in case someone doesn’t think to check my keychain for my information, I also have a sticker that I can place on my dashboard, to help alert rescue workers to check the keychain in case I’m unable to speak or I’m unable to breathe.

Here’s more information on the inventor of this emergency key ring device, how he came up with the idea, and why he hopes we’ll never have to use it.  At least not in anything more than a “hey, look at the cool keychain fob I own.”

Although the company is based in Perth, Western Australia, the device can be shipped around the world.  It works with both Apple and PC computers, and is very durable.

For more information, including how to order your own fobs (as well as credit card-based devices, in case you want to keep your contact information in your wallet), visit

FTC Note: At no time did I receive any remuneration or discount for purchasing or promoting this product on my blog.  My opinions are mine and mine alone, and are not influenced by anything other than the quality of this product and what it is designed to achieve.