K-Chuck Radio: I feel like tightening up…

Sometimes you just need to find the funkiest, nastiest, grooviest tracks that are buried deep, deep, deep in your record collection, dust them off, and blast them at full volume to whoever is in the general radius.

So on today’s K-Chuck Radio, I’m doing just that.   This is a batch of 45’s that are just straight fire funk.  Many of them were recorded on tiny labels, with nondescript studio musicians who – in some cases – moved into bigger and better things.  But no matter what, these tracks are just pure smoke.

And let’s start with –

Hippy, Skippy, Moon Strut (pt. 1)

There’s not much known about this studio group, except that this instrumental track has garnered a life of its own – if you’re familiar with the Christina Aguilera track ‘Ain’t No Other Man,” that song took plenty of samples from this 1960’s classic.

Hung Up

This nasty, groovy funk record is one of the rarest and most expensive funk 45’s out there.  It’s been heavily counterfeited and reprinted.  Why do you think this is so?  Maybe it’s because it’s just straight up raw, delicious funk?  Yeah, that’s a good reason.

Amen Brother

The A-side of this single, “Color Him Father,” was a big hit.  But this B-side – especially the drum track instrumental break – have made this song a stone cold funk classic.

Funky Pants

You may have never heard of the Oceanliners – at least not under that name.  But eventually they evolved into KC and the Sunshine Band.  Yes, THAT KC and the Sunshine Band.  And now you know.

It’s Gonna Be a Mess (Pt. 1)

Another extremely rare Florida funk record, this one was actually recorded in one take – both Parts 1 and 2 – and you can tell the band was feeling the funk in the studio that day.

Grease Wheel

Nothing like breaking out that Hammond organ and just letting it rip, wouldn’t-cha say?  And then when the horns kick in … and the bongos … damn, why didn’t someone release this on a bigger label so that it could race up the pop charts?

Is That Black Enough For You?

The original 45 had a funky A-side of the Motown classic “Tracks of My Tears,” but the B-side is just straight-up nuclear funk.  It’s almost as if the band had 15 minutes left in studio time, and decided to just jam.  And jam.  And jam.

Baby Don’t Cry

You want to know how powerful these old funk records are?  At about 1:11 of this rare track, you can hear the drum beat that inspired the hip-hop group Main Source to sample it for their track “Looking at the Front Door.”  Just sayin’ is all..

The Hatch

Let’s finish this up with a slice of gritty Midwestern funk from the TMG’s.  Want to find the original 45?  Good luck.  And back up that wallet full of money, you’ll need it.

So here’s some sweet and slathery nasty funk for you today, on your station that will play virtually anything and everything … K-Chuck Radio!