A test run at the Durham Fair

Two weeks ago, I test-ran some film through a new-to-me camera, and took some shots at the Big E in Massachusetts.  Last Sunday, I ran some film through ANOTHER new-to-me shooter, this time taking pictures at the Durham Fair in Connecticut.

Am I going to enter any of these pictures in competition?  Not likely.  These pictures are tests as to what I can do with the camera.

First, I squeezed off some slide film – vintage Kodak Ektachrome Dyna.  Apparently I acquired a brick of Ektachrome Dyna, which is a formulation of Ektachrome for the Japanese market … I don’t know, maybe if you use to photograph the Knight Sabers in the middle of a Bubblegum Crisis …

These colors are certainly punchy.  But it shows me that the Ektachrome Dyna – or at least the eight packs I still possess in my freezer – will work.

Indoor and outdoor shots work.  And I like these colors.

Okay, now let’s pump a roll of LomoChrome Turquoise into the camera, setting this camera to expose for the film under ISO 400 conditions.

Aces.  These films show me that this camera, as well as the one I tested in Springfield two weeks ago, will work well.

This means I can put together my next major project.

(doing my best Hannibal Smith impersonation) I love it when a plan comes together … (chomping on cigar)

See, both cameras are 1979-era Nikon EM film shooters, and both have the Nikon 50mm f/1.8 pancake lens on their chassis.  And with that in mind, I ordered a special tripod attachment on Amazon, and if it arrives by Saturday (I’m counting on you, Amazon, don’t let me down), my next photo attempt may be something truly spectacular.

I certainly hope it is.