Emergence S01E03 – I finally figured out where I’ve seen this type of show before!

Okay.  Three shows in and I’m finally getting some answers to this program.

And they all wrap around Piper, this ten-year-old girl with the crazy powers.


So far, this show has featured a police chief who finds a ten-year-old girl who survived a plane crash.  This kid has special telekinetic and electromagnetic powers, and who, when scared or afraid, manifests her powers in big, bad bursts.

And when this episode started, I thought for sure I had the answer.

And it came from Witch Mountain.


There was this children’s adventure book in the late 1960’s, Escape to Witch Mountain, which involved a whole bunch of paranormal and extraterrestrial stuff.  It was made into a 1970’s Disney film – which at the time was pretty scary for a G-rated children’s film –

But yeah, you’ve got pre-teen kids with super-freaky telekinesis powers?  And now you add to the cast the head of a multinational tech corporation who wants to retrieve his “property” at all costs?

All you need is Eddie Albert and an RV and you’ve got the entire Disney movie.

And the head of the multinational tech corporation is – Terry O’Quinn?  Terry O’Quinn from Lost?

I freakin’ knew it!  We’re going to get the Dharma Initiative and the number 108 and recurring appearances by Jorge Garcia …

No.  Later on in the episode, the police chief is contacted by an employee from this organization who has information on why Piper – in this episode, anyway – is falling ill.  Apparently Piper needs a reboot.  Piper is a robot.

Oh lord.  It’s a dramatic re-imagining of that godawful 1980’s sitcom Small Wonder.

Wait wait – are we saying that maybe this robot escaped from the facility because she developed sentience and she didn’t want to be a weapon any more?

Okay, now we’re venturing into Iron Giant territory.

But be that as it may, at least we now know who Piper is, and we know why this tech company has such a throbber to get her back.

Okay, series done.  Thanks for watching.

What – there are ten more episodes of this program?

This show isn’t over yet?

Aw man … we’ve already figured out who Piper is (a gun who doesn’t want to be a gun), we know who the big bad is who wants her back (It’s John Locke and the suspiciously-renamed Augur Industries, so named because they dig stuff up, ha ha), and the rest of it features the police officer from Fargo and some family drama stuff.

Well, that’s one difference Emergence has over Lost

At least it took Emergence three weeks to pay off their mysteries.

It didn’t take this show six years like Lost did.