My three entries for BUILT 2019 are …

Oh look, BUILT has arrived.  BUILT: Albany Architecture Through Artists’ Eyes, is Historic Albany Foundation’s annual charity gala / silent auction, where all of the submitted artworks have to contain some tie-in with Albany’s history and architecture.  So if you like artwork that represents the Empire State Plaza, or the State Capitol, or the RCA Dog atop the Arnoff Building, this is for you, bro.

I’ve been very successful in BUILT in the past, having exhibited every year from 2011 to today.  My electrified Bob & Ron’s Fish Fry sign from 2016 sold for over $400, a personal best for BUILT.  My other artworks – featuring my personal interpretations of the Madison Theater, of L-Ken’s Diner, of the Palace Theater, of the Olympic Diner, of the Capital City Mercy Mission, of the Washington Park Bridge – yes, and a shot or two of Nipper – have sold well over the years.  Plus, I like that half of the money from my sales is automatically earmarked towards restoration and preservation of Albany’s fantastic architecture, before these buildings fall prey to the wrecking ball.

I am allowed three entries in BUILT, so here are my submissions.  I should note that they change

So here we go.  My submissions include:


That’s right, folks … I wired it up, and it’s ready to go.  See the arrow?  See the lighted clown’s nose?  See the ingenuity of turning old Christmas lights into the flashing arrow associated with the amusement park signage?  Plus, if it was good enough for the Schenectady Gazette to feature it in their newspaper … then for sure it’s acceptable enough for BUILT, amirite?

This is actually my second-ever piece to feature the Hoffman’s Playland sign, a lenticular print of that same sign sold at BUILT a few years ago.


Bob and Ron’s Fish Fry. Latch hook construction. (c) Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.

That’s right, my first-place big winner at the New York State Fair is on its way to BUILT.  This is my second-ever piece to feature the Bob & Ron’s Fish Fry sign; three years ago, my light-up version of that sign realized a BUILT-Chuck-record $400 sale.

Now because of the new rules at BUILT, I am allowed three entries for submission – but the third entry must be no larger than 12″ x 12″.  Nertz.  That meant my original idea of submitting my 18″ x 28″ metal-strated print of Halfmoon Rainbow isn’t happening.  But for now, I’ll just submit an updated, metal-strated 9×12 version of an old favorite, one that I’m surprised that I never previously considered entering in BUILT.

That’s right, a blast from the past, circa 2010 …


Nipper’s Polar Panorama. Nikon D700 camera, Nikkor 28mm f/2.8 lens, multiple images stitched together in a polar panorama. (c) Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.

Yeah, when I take a picture of Nipper, I take A COSMIC PICTURE OF NIPPER!!

This is actually my second-ever Nipper picture for BUILT, a shot I took of Nipper – when seen through a puddle on Broadway – found a home with an appreciative buyer.

Yesterday afternoon, I received word that all three BUILT entries were accepted and will appear on Saturday, November 2, at the Empire State Plaza Museum as part of BUILT’s fundraiser.  So happy.

And by the way … I’m already working on one piece for BUILT 2020.

These things take time.  😀