So my submission for the Albany Center Gallery Members’ Show is …

The deadline for submission to the Albany Center Gallery Members’ Show is next week.  But with everything else going on – BUILT, the Work of Art at the Albany Institute of History and Art – I plumb forgot.  This can happen when you’re my age.  The three signs of old are are loss of memory … I forgot the second one … and loss of memory.

Be that as it may, I still found time for a submission.  I am allowed one entry for the Members’ Show, and if it’s accepted, it will be my second-ever gallery hang in that show, after my Milky Way shot Washington County, 2;30 a.m.

I thought about using my dandelion-soaked After the Rain, but although it is a beautiful picture (and it’s a “triple blue”), I decided against putting that one up.  Not that I’ve lost faith in the picture, I just want to save that image for something else.  That, and the print of After the Rain that would have worked for this show, well, that’s on its’ way to Work of Art.  I wouldn’t have time to make a new print.

No, I decided to enter one of my ribbon-winning splitfilm pictures from 2019.

I could have gone with 88 Minutes in Chinatown, but I wanted something stronger than that.

I could have gone with Senses Working Overtime, but I wanted something more defined.

And in the end, I went with …


Five Tickets to Ride Day and Night. AGFA Clipper Special f/6.3 camera, Kodak Instamatic Gold 200 film (two rolls) and Kodak Verichrome Pan B&W film. Photo (c) Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.

Why this one and not one of my other pictures?

Honestly, I like how this picture lined up.  I like the connections between the expired Instamatic film and the expired Verichrome Pan film.   I like how you can see the blending of the wheel from one film stock to the other.  Honestly … this picture worked.  It’s creative, it’s stylistic, and it’s inventive.

Which are the kinds of things people look for in gallery member shows.

If Five Tickets to Ride Day and Night gets some love, I’ll drop it off next weekend at ACG, and it will display in December.

And if you know me from reading my blog one day or for ten years, you know that if I get a successful image, I’m going to use that image in nearly every photo competition and gallery show for which I can qualify.

Man oh man, my November will be a busy one.  BUILT, Work of Art, the train chase, the Equinox turkey deliveries …

Yep.  Busy but worthwhile busy.  I can dig that.