One more burlap stitching project …

I promised myself I wouldn’t do any more of these.

I really promised.  Cross my heart and hope to die.

And then … while sniffing around eBay …

This showed up.

Jt’s a burlap sack, featuring a Native American maiden.  It didn’t look like the typical potato sack Indian image, which was either a gruff-looking old Indian chief, or someone in a stereotypical war dance.  Ugh.

So what can I do with this arguably cute image?

Well, I thought about stitching this up with yarns and strings.  Maybe go deeper with this than my previous burlap projects.

But after much thought…

I ditched the project.

And here’s why.

What might have seemed like a noble and fun idea really couldn’t be done without being offensive or improper.  Essentially if I have to come up with a reason for doing this project… if I have to justify it… then it’s not worth the bother.

So I’ll just hold on to this sack… I won’t embroider it.

Besides, I found a much better image – one that doesn’t connote an image that could be treated as insensitive.

In other words… I can do better.

We all should strive to do better.