So I donated to Goose Hill Good Finds …

I know why I bought the sewing machine.  I don’t know why I haven’t used the sewing machine in a while.

But I know that if I don’t use this sewing machine, someone else should.

A few months ago, I purchased a second-hand sewing machine with the idea of getting into quilting.  What I discovered is that quilting is a very labor-intensive and specific hobby – the rewards are amazing, but the sweat equity is intense.  And I’m just not ready for it right now.  Maybe another day, but not right now.

So the sewing machine I bought is just sitting on a table.  Doing nothing.

That bothered me.  I used to know someone who purchased a big loom, with the idea that the loom would be part of a weaving hobby for her.  Well, she had that loom for sixteen years, and in that time I think she used that loom – oh, who am I kidding?  She used that loom as a dust-gatherer.  She did sell it, though … but I never saw her weave anything with it.

So I decided that the sewing machine needed a new home.

And I found one.

There’s a new thrift store in Schenectady, Goose Hill Good Finds on Van Vranken Avenue.  They have clothes, books, board games, toys, nicknacks and the like.  They just opened up a few months ago, but they’ve become an essential store for those needing secondhand goods in that community.

So yesterday, I packed up the sewing machine – and a few other donations – and dropped them off at Goose Hill Good Finds.  This way, if someone needs a sewing machine, or wants to learn how to sew, they can get the device at a reasonable price.

Essentially, this is an attempt to take that which is not used, and find it a home where it CAN be used.

And who knows?  Maybe some day I’ll get the itch to try quilting again.

But for now … I’d rather that machine found a new home where someone will use it.

That’s more important than holding on to a dust-gatherer for sixteen years, amirite?