Donald Trump … Ramones fan?

Personally, I have no idea what type of music Donald Trump listens to.

All I do know is that yesterday, Trump had a short press conference in which he stated – as loudly as he possibly could – that he wanted nothing, wanted nothing, no quid pro quo.  You know, the statements me made on September 9 – after the whole quid pro quo came to light, sort of along the lines of “I am not a crook,” or “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”  You couldn’t miss the big Sharpie scrawl in his handwritten notes as he howled this to the press.

But one of my old college buddies reposted this Twitter link about Trump’s most recent public appearance – you know, right after Ambassador and Trump donor Gordon Sondland testifed to the quid pro quo Trump DID had with the Ukrainians, prior to the September 9 conversation.

This was too funny not to repost.

Well, Trump might have attended a CBGB’s show in the 1970’s, who knows?  Maybe he went there thinking he could get lucky with Debbie Harry, and accidentally saw a Ramones concert?

Nah.  I figure Trump’s more of an emo person – the kind who listens to Sunny Day Real Estate and Death Cab for Cutie on repeat.

At this point, this President has devolved into self-parody.  Nearly everything he says has turned into a pitiful comedy, whether it’s his insistence of a hurricane hitting Alabama – to the point where he adds a Sharpie to a NOAA map – to his previous letter to the President of Turkey, which sounded so over-the-top that it made for better reading as the opening crawl to a Star Wars movie.

This President is a joke.  And it wouldn’t be so funny if it wasn’t so utterly painful.

Oh well … I guess I’ll just wait until later today when a barrage of pro-Trump comments hit my blog.

Maybe they too can be sung to Ramones tracks.  😀