So … my first week with Disney+ …

I would definitely say I got more bang for my buck with Disney+.  And there were some surprises out there – things I wasn’t expecting to see on the new streaming service, f’rinstance.

As promised, my first view on the new Disney+ service was the 1980’s movie Tron.   I mean, that was a given.

But what do you do after that?

Well … being a child of the Star Wars films, I had to check out The Mandlorian, the new Disney+ “space western” which brought us a bounty hunter in full Boba Fett gear.

And I have to say … it was pretty damn good.  Enough so that I added it as a “listed favorite” on the streaming service.

Then I tried to find out how far I could “deep dive” into Disney history.  And sure enough, you could actually watch Disney’s first synchronized sound cartoon, Steamboat Willie.  By the way, if you want to win a bar trivia contest with this knowledge, the name Steamboat Willie relates to another film from that era, Buster Keaton’s Steamboat Bill, Jr..

Now I could have completed another deep dive and watched one of the most innovative Disney films ever, Fantasia – but instead, I went with its sequel, Fantasia 2000 – and man, I’m glad I did.  Between the Al Hirschfeld meets George Gershwin “Rhapsody in Blue” segment, the Shostakovich-inspired “Steadfast Tin Soldier” piece, and the Igor Stravinsky “Firebird” closer … wows.  Just serious wows.  How did I not see this film when it originally came out?

I decided to check out the channel’s Marvel Comics category, and after watching a couple of episodes of “Marvel Uprising” – which featured the characters Squirrel Girl and Spider-Gwen / Ghost Spider – I tried out a couple of the Marvel cartoons from the 1990’s, the animated X-Men and an animated Avengers series.  Yep, looked just like what I was used to seeing back in the day.

One final deep dive.  If this thing had all things Mickey-related … what are the chances they might have old black-and-white episodes of the Mickey Mouse Club?

Well, there are five Mickey Mouse Club episodes available for streaming, and – wait, they’re an hour long apiece?  And they have an extended introduction?  And they left in the parts about the show being sponsored by Coca-Cola and Betty Crocker?

Ho … lee … cow …

Now granted, the Disney+ streaming service is also MISSING a lot of things.  If you signed up for it to see Song of the South, you wasted your money, it’s not there.  Zorro’s not here, either, which is a bummer.  And it’s got MOST of the Star Wars films, but not all of them.  Its Marvel content includes a lot of TV shows, but not everything – you can’t find the 1970’s Incredible Hulk or the Japanese Super Sentai Supaidaman import, but hey, there’s a lot of stuff here as it is.

So maybe tonight I’ll check out the new Mandalorian episode, and then pair it with … oh, I don’t know … maybe The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes or one of the other Medfield College comedies?   Heck, I might even be able to pull a segment for my “Royale with Cheese Movie Club” blog series – you know, the films everyone else in the world has seen (except me)?

Let’s see where this takes us … shall we?