My first snowflake photo of the 2019-20 winter season

The snow arrived.  And it arrived in big sheets.  We have a veritable winter wonderland today.

And while everyone else is racing to Stewart’s for toilet paper and beer …

I’m making sure I have all my connections.  I want snowflake photos.

Last year, it took a while for me to get all my settings and equipment in the format that would work for macro snowflake photography.  I needed extension tubes, I needed a ring flash, I needed batteries for the ring flash, and I needed decent snowflakes.  By the time I got all of those items together … it was nearly spring.  I did get one good photo that I could enter in competition – Mittsu No Yuki – but I wanted something more exciting.

So yesterday, as soon as there was enough clumpy snowflakes fluttering through the air…

I gathered up all my equipment.

Let’s make this happen.

I trapped some snowflakes on an old black T-shirt, then eyeballed what looked like a good snowflake – one with all six points on it.

Let’s see if I can pull this one in.

First Snowflake of the Winter. Nikon Df camera, HELIOS 81-H 50mm f/2 lens, six extension tubes, 17 photos focus stacked. Photo (c) Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.

Not bad for an early December shot.

What does this mean for me?

Well, it’s definitely a decent snowflake photo.  But it also means I have three months – maybe four – to improve on this.  And I have a couple of ideas on how to achieve this, but I’m going to wait for another snow day.

But for now … this is the snowflake “king of the mountain” photo for Competition Season 2020, until something else knocks it off the mountain.

So I’m keeping an eye out for that next snowflake.