“Hi, it’s Jeff from the Goldstein Auto Group, can you call me back please?”

God almighty, I hate cold calls from companies.  If I don’t recognize their phone number, I send them directly to voicemail.

But earlier today, I received a phone call from “Jeff” at the Goldstein Auto Group, asking if I was aware that my car’s inspection was overdue and if I could bring it in to Goldstein for an inspection.


It’s December.

I bought my 2013 Chevrolet Cruze “Dracourage” in June of 2016.  From DePaula Auto Group.  So my inspection’s not due for at least six more months.

I know this because I have a vehicle service contract with DePaula Auto Group.  Trust me on this.  Kara DePaula reads my blog.  She’s probably grousing that I haven’t come back to trade Dracourage in for a Silverado or whatnot, but hey that’s life …

But I’ve never bought a car from the Goldstein Auto Group.  My four cars have come from, in reverse order of acquisition, DePaula Chevrolet (Dracourage), Mangino Mitsubishi (my 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt SS “The Blackbird”), DePaula Chevrolet (my 2005 Saturn Ion “Cardachrome”) and my Grandma Betty (my 1991 Pontiac 6000 “The Six”).

Not a single Goldstein in any one of them.

Only one way to find out.  I called the number on my Caller ID, to speak with the Goldstein Auto Group and to “Jeff,” the person who left the voice mail.

“Hi, Goldstein Auto Group, this is Jeff, how may I help you?”

“Hi Jeff, this is Chuck Miller, you called me a minute ago regarding a car inspection.”

“Who are you?”

“Chuck Miller, you called me not one minute ago.”

“I don’t recall calling you.”

“Your name is Jeff, right?”

“Yes it is.”

I gave him my phone number.

“It’s not in my computer database, sir.”

Um … yeah.  Sure.  And I’m supposed to believe that I received a call from the Goldstein Auto Group out of thin air?  Maybe I should wait a few more minutes to see if Mark Smith from Smith Pontiac calls.  Or maybe I’ll receive a message from Bumstead Chevrolet before I sign my name.  Or better yet, I should hear from Ted Pepper Chrysler Plymouth – Ted Pepper, whose motto was, bring in your daughter, we’ll dicker.

Great.  Jeff from Goldstein called me, left a message, and doesn’t remember doing so.  I can imagine it now.  “Hi, congratulations on buying a car from Goldstein Auto Group, would you like to buy a car from Goldstein Auto Group?”

Yeesh.  Now I’ve got to figure out why I’m getting calls about cars I’ve never purchased.  Did somebody buy a car and put my name and number down for contact information?  Did Jeff from Goldstein flip-flop a digit or two in his call log and meant to call, oh I don’t know, someone in Lansingburgh and instead caught me?

I do not have time for this.  And even if I DID want to purchase a car again – which I don’t – it isn’t going to come from Goldstein.

Unless maybe they suddenly had a 1972 Pontiac GTO “The Judge” in candy apple red with four-on-the-floor and a spoiler package … then maybe we can talk.

But not until then.