Albany Patroons announce 2020 schedule!

Hey, look what popped up in my Facebook feed yesterday!

Yes, the current reigning TBL champion Albany Patroons have released their schedule, amidst a bevy of new and returning TBL teams.  Gone are the Yakima Sun Kings, Albany’s opponent in the last two playoff championships.  Gone are the New York Court Kings, who essentially abdicated.  But the Jamestown Jackals are returning, as are the Raleigh Firebirds and Tampa Bay Titans, among others.

will start their 2020 TBL basketball season on Saturday night, February 1st, with a home game against the newly-launched Tri-State Admirals of Jersey City, New Jersey.   Then comes a three-game road trip before Albany returns on Valentine’s Day for a home date with the Raleigh Firebirds.

The Sunday after Valentine’s Day will see the Columbus Condors visit the Armory for the first time – this marks the third Ohio-based team the Patroons have faced in the past three years, following the Ohio Cardinals and Ohio Bootleggers.

With most of last year’s West Coast teams gone, the farthest the Patroons will travel west will be to face two teams in Texas – the Lewisville Yellow Jackets and the Dallas Skyline.  Closer to home, Albany’s in-state rival, the Jamestown Jackals, will host the Patroons on February 23 and March 29, while the Jackals travel to the Armory for games on March 15 and April 17.

The 24-game, 12-home-date season kicks off in February, with most of the contests being weekend affairs.  And you know this will be the hottest sports ticket in the Capital District – especially February 1st, which will be “banner and ring night” – the Patroons get their championship jewelry from winning the TBL title earlier this year, and the team’s third championship banner rises to the Armory rafters.  Good seats are still available, and you’ll enjoy the top quality basketball, the brand new Emeralds Hype Squad, and a few other treats that are yet to be announced.

This is cool.  This is so, so cool.

Can’t wait for the season to start.

How about you?