The Rexleigh Bridge in 3D

I’ve photographed the Rexleigh Bridge in Washington County over the years, trying to find the best image that I can possibly create.  Two years ago, I achieved that with my Milky Way photo Washington County, 2:30 a.m.  So this year, I wanted to see what would happen if I tried to capture the Rexleigh Bridge with my Nikon EM 3D camera setup.

This is all in anticipation of my entry into the Austrian 3D photo contest – I’m allowed to submit four entries, and I have three right now.  So this fourth entry would start a “king of the mountain” procedure, where every GOOD picture after that would replace the weakest of the four.  By the time I have to submit my entries in late March 2020, I should have my four strongest images.

I hope.

There was still some residual snow on the ground last Saturday morning, so I got up bright and early, put my Nikon EM two-camera setup in the car, and drove to Salem to photograph the Rexleigh Bridge.

The drive wasn’t too bad – a bit snowy and slippery at times, but the biggest concern – that steep drop to get to the bridge – wasn’t so bad.  There was plenty of traction on the road.  Thankfully.

I took several pictures of the bridge, mostly from the entrances, but I also captured the bridge in profile.

The film was developed last Wednesday, and last night I scanned the slide films.  There were some really good shots here.  I then processed some of them using PhotoShop and Google Nik software, but all of them have a Kodak Ektachrome E100 base to them.

And here’s what came out.  Remember, to see the images in 3D, relax your gaze until the two images blend together.

Oh yeah, and I took one more photo.  It was a test to see if the cameras were synchronized in terms of “timed” shots.

The Nikon EM has a self-timer – push the lever and you can run in front of the camera and wait for the camera to take your picture.  This is how we used to do “selfies” back in the day, you millennials.

So I set both cameras, set their timers, pressed the shutter buttons, and ran in front of the bridge for a photo.

Great shot – but a trained professional can tell the shots weren’t synchronized.  One camera fired two seconds after the other, which can be seen by the fact that my left foot has moved slightly between the photos (I heard the shutter and thought they had both fired, but one fired after).  Well, if nothing else, I’ve got my first 3D selfie.  On film, no less.

I’m getting there, for sure.  At least one of these Rexleigh Bridge shots can now enter my 3D submissions for 2020 … because essentially I have enough to start a “King of the Mountain” elimination.  As I said before, any future 3D shots will now be compared to this one and three others … and whatever survives will be my final four best 3D shots to submit to Austria.

Yeah, I’m really digging this contest.

I hope it works out well.