The peacefulness of watching homemade candy

There’s a lot of things you can do to mentally recover from a broken ankle.  And during those moments, I’ve discovered that watching some really sweet and peaceful and calming videos can help a lot.

Such is the case with these waycool videos from a Canadian videography company.  I warn you, you will feel relaxed and placid by the time the videos are complete.  And maybe a little hungry.

The first video series features a maple syrup manufacturing plant in Ontario, a “sugar shack” in the parlance.  The Garland Sugar Shack video shows how maple sap is extracted from trees, then it’s boiled and cooled and all sorts of other things to make tasty authentic maple syrup.

And if you thought making the syrup itself was awesome … check out how they make maple sugar, maple butter and maple candies.

This same company also did a series with a Montreal confectioner, Candylabs, who make hand-made treats from melted sugar and flavorings.  This one they made – that features the face of a smiling Akita dog – is really awesome to watch.

Aw, ain’t those sweet?  And they’re sweet, too.

That same procedure can create panda bear candy.  I mean, I’ve got a bum ankle right now but i would HOP ALL THE WAY TO MONTREAL to get some of these treats, after watching these videos.

Here’s another video from that production company, this time involving the creation and manufacture of awesome neon lighting.

If you would rather write with your glass rather than light it up, there’s another video just for that.  Check out this artisan from Gypsy Rose glass and silver in Nova Scotia.

And finally, if your tastes lean towards classic stoneware or pottery … you know there’s a video that shows the best techniques for crafting those treasures from clay.

I tell you, this stuff really helps with the recovery.  Now I want to build a glass pen and put it in a stoneware jar, while sipping maple syrup and eating Akita candies.  Who’s with me? 😀