Life is not promised

“There’s a news report that’s been floating around on Twitter, I don’t want to repeat it until I’m sure it’s true.”

That’s what I heard when I was monitoring an NBL Canada basketball game yesterday.  The announcers were not their usual jovial, excited selves.  I’m not sure what they were talking about.

Then I flipped over to Twitter and saw the news.

And I checked other sources and it was worse.

Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna, and seven others were killed in a helicopter crash. Bryant was 41 years old.  His daughter was 13.

Think about that for a second.  One of the most vibrant athletes in our generation is no longer alive.  His life and his daughter’s life were taken in a second.

And you realize at that moment that all the accolades, all the money, all the fame and fortune and recognition – all of that means nothing on the day your name is called to Glory.

We don’t get a do-over in our lives.  We get this one stretch – from birth to earth – and in that, we have to make our best run.

Kobe Bryant did everything he could in a short life.  He didn’t even wait to go to college, he went straight to the NBA out of high school.  33,000 points.  Five NBA championships.  Two Olympic gold medals.  He won a freakin’ Oscar for an animated short film.

He had his highs and he had his lows.  He had his transcendent moments and he had those that were glaring and harsh.

But nobody could ever doubt Kobe Bryant’s determination, or his will, or his drive.  In everything he ever did.

It’s understandable that there will be grief and sadness and mourning today, tomorrow, probably for ages.

But if there is one thing to remember from all this … remember that Kobe Bryant packed a full lifetime into 41 years.

You still have time to achieve your dreams, your goals, your hopes and your desires.

Do it now.  Do it today.  Stop thinking that you will get around to it tomorrow or next week.

Because tomorrow is not promised.  Neither is next week.