Entitlement and the Invasion of the Karens

My friend, talented comedian Jaye McBride, has taken to drawing caricatures during this pandemic.  And right now Jaye’s current run in a series of artworks describing the typical “Karen.”

You know the type, right?



What Jaye’s describing is the “Karen” – the stereotypical entitled person who, during this pandemic, wants to have things done her way, doesn’t care about your health and safety and well-being, and only wants what’s best for her in her own private ecosystem.  Karens are usually in their late 20’s – early 30’s., and they believe that the rules do NOT apply to them.

And heaven forbid if you ever offend a Karen, because she’ll want to speak to your manager, or to get the phone number to call someone in Corporate.  And if you’re a minimum wage worker who is apologizing profusely because Karen’s coffee wasn’t made perfectly, well, that’s about as heinous as mixing up Karen’s decaf with espresso.

Take, for example, this Karen who feels that it’s okay, during this pandemic, to let her dog crap in a protected bird sanctuary in Central Park.  And then get pissed off about it when she’s caught on video.

Karens believe they’re above the law, they look for loopholes to allow them to do whatever they want, but woe be upon you if you deviate one millimeter from the norm.

And the new thing with Karens during this pandemic is – they refuse to wear a face covering or a mask, but you better be wearing a mask and gloves and a clean suit if you’re serving her that latte.  This freakout is epic.

Yeah, as you can imagine, Karens have a major superiority complex.  They’re better than you, and you damn well better know it.

And if they see that you’re filming them… then Karens will go completely mega-Karen on you.  Like this one who has an excuse for acting like this in front of her kids.

See, Karens have an inarguable knowledge of the law, both state, federal and municipal.  And if Karens get together on a project … hoo boy that’s fun to watch.

Listen.  We all want this pandemic to end.  We all want to return to our normal lives.  But acting like an entitled, spoiled chowderhead isn’t going to make things easier for anybody.  We get it.  You’re pissed.  And you’re angry.  Stop taking it out on other people.

In other words, stop giving people whose real name is Karen a bad name.