A pro golf tournament, sponsored by The Lincoln Project and Meidas Touch…

If you want to see some seriously VICIOUS and ON-POINT anti-Trump videos, you only need to sign up to the Twitter feeds of Medias Touch, a progressive anti-Trump PAC, and The Lincoln Project, a conservative anti-Trump organization.

I mean, these potential shorts aren’t just bringing straight fire.  They’re downright nuclear.


And now one from Medias Touch…

They’ve gotten online hashtags like #tre45on and #byeivanka and #traitorinchief trending.  And they’ve gotten into Trump’s head.  You know they have.

So after seeing images of Donald Trump leaving his Presidential duties to go play golf… essentially spending more time with his mashie niblick than he did with public policy… I decided I would come up with an idea.  Take a look.

Yeah.  Now that would be something.  Take two of Trump’s biggest voodoo needles and put them on one of Trump’s favorite past times.

And it got some serious response.  Check this out.


So yeah, let’s make this happen.  There’s plenty of time to put together some sponsorship somewhere.  Like one person said, have the tournament at Doral.  Or at one of the Trump National golf courses.  This could be fun.

And if you don’t have time to host it at a world-class national course, set something up for the minigolf people.  Set up holes and barriers that represent the Trump presidency.  Have the 7th hole be “Putt That Wall,” where you need to hit the ball through any one of fifteen different openings in a newly-built border wall, for example.  Instead of putting the ball into a clown’s mouth on the 10th hole, simply replace the clown with Sean Hannity and no one would notice.

Just think of the trophy – a big, gold-painted Abraham Lincoln bust.  Yeah, you could definitely have some fun with this.

So, Lincoln Project … Meidas Touch … how about we make this happen?  Are we good with this? 😀