So I am now an official Funko Pop collector…

When the Australian bushfires tore through the Great Southern Land, and the world watched as billions of animals and millions of acres of land were burned to a crisp, the heroes of that time were the Australian firefighters, the ones that did whatever they could to stem back the life-destroying infernos.

Think about this.  This was before the COVID-19 pandemic, at that time we thought 2020 was going to be miserable just because of the bushfires and their damage.

During that time, an Australian toy company, Popcultcha, announced that they had teamed up with the collectibles company Funko Pop to create a limited-edition Funko Pop toy, with the proceeds to benefit the RSPCA National Bushfire Appeal.

I never really understood the collectable nature of Funko Pop toys.  For some reason, I couldn’t get past their stylized imagery – the black-button eyes, the enormous jowls with tiny nose and mouth, and the oversized, box-shaped head.  But people love these things.  And if you ever see a rack of Funko Pop toys at the store, it’s a melange of different brands, different characters, different product lines … it’s  definitely overwhelming.

Still, I’m a person that supports charities.  I placed an order and purchased a Bushfire Heroes Funko Pop toy.

And that was essentially it.

Yesterday, a little cardboard box patiently sat at my front door, waiting for me to come home and open it.

It was the Funko Pop Bushfire Heroes figurine.

Okay, I’m kinda new to this Funko Pop collector’s market.  Do I open the box?  Do I display the figurine?  Do I display the figurine in the box or outside of the box?  Do I buy a protective case for the box?

I carefully opened the top of the box.  The figurine was encased in some sort of clamshell plastic.

Okay, out you come.

And …

Well, he’s so cute, I had to get a picture.

Okay, it’s official.  He’s cute, this toy is sweet, and if I get a few Funko Pop characters for my shelf, it’s not going to be an over-reaching obsessive “gotta get ’em all” deal.

I went online and looked over the product line of past and present Funko Pop figurines.  Ooh, I can get a set of Mystery Science Theater 3000 figurines of Tom Servo and Crow.  Hey there, here’s some Funkos from my years of watching PBS – Fred Rogers and Bob Ross, and a Jim Henson with a Kermit puppet on his hand.

Yeah, maybe another day.  Right now, I’m satisfied with just one Funko Pop figurine.

Especially when that Funko Pop figurine commemorated the heroes of the first great disaster of 2020.

Now if Funko Pop can make a figurine of Dr. Anthony Fauci to commemorate the heroes of the second great disaster of 2020… come on, Funko, get to sculpting.