Ivanka Trump is no soy bueno

Recently, the owner of the Goya Foods company expressed, at a Presidential press conference, his support for Donald Trump.  The moment he did that, people stopped buying Goya Foods.  There were competing hashtags of #boycottgoya and #buygoya, with other people going into the stores, buying nothing but Goya foods and spices, and then donating the purchases to charity.

For me personally, I had no dog in the fight.  I don’t normally buy Goya products by their name – I think I have some Goya olive oil in my cupboard, but that’s about it.

And then, this morning, I saw this in my Twitter feed.

Oh hell no.

Nepotism Barbie is at it again.  This is the same dimbulb who, when Nordstrom dropped her line of designer clothing, had a tantrum and ran to Daddy, who then not only tweeted about how his pride and joy had been treated unfairly by Nordstrom, he also got Sewer Rat Barbie (Kellyanne Conway, if you need to determine which Barbie is which) to go on the morning shows and talk about how people should buy Ivanka’s products online and not from Nordstrom.

You know what that is?

That’s Presidential manipulation of independent trade.

As for the Ivanka endorsement for Goya, let’s remember a few things here.  During his Presidency, her father put Hispanic and Latin children in cages.  Many of them are STILL in cages.  He denied help for Puerto Rico during Hurricane Maria, and when he finally made a big spectacle of arriving on the island to assist, his level of assistance was tossing packages of paper towels to the crowd.  His idea of acknowledging Cinco de Mayo is to order food from Taco Bell instead of from McDonald’s. Ugh.

And now this from Nepotism Barbie. Ugh.  So now she’s a paid spokesperson for Goya Foods, or is she doing this on her own?  No way she’s doing this on her own, Trumps don’t do ANYTHING unless they get a cut of the profits and they get whatever’s left from the cuts of the profits.

But then again, I’m not going to issue any clapback on Ivanka Trump.

I’ll leave this to someone much smarter than her, much more qualified than her, and definitely more of a representative of her electorate.

Yeah, that sound you just heard was AOC dog-walking Nepotism Barbie.

Which works for me any day of the week.