So you’re saying … there’s a TRON 3 in the future???

The 1982 movie TRON was a straight-up masterpiece.  Between the cutting-edge special effects, the high-concept storyline of religion and technology, and the swirling, perfect soundtrack from Wendy Carlos, TRON was an eye-opening and mind-bending experience.

This is where the Matrix should have gone.

It took nearly 30 years for a sequel, but in 2010 we did get Tron: Legacy, which was just as awesome as the first movie.  If they couldn’t get Wendy Carlos for the soundtrack, they at least found a suitable replacement in Daft Punk.  And the storyline found a way to bring back Jeff Bridges from the first movie – in more ways than one.


TRON: Legacy was a hit, but it wasn’t the big monster hit that Disney wanted, so plans for a third movie were shelved.  Oh, there’d been talks back and forth, possibly with this director or that director, possibly with this star or that star.  At one point, I was almost expecting an announcement that Quentin Tarantino would direct the film, with Johnny Depp as the lead actor.  Or maybe Spike Lee would do the third TRON movie, with Adam Driver taking the lead role.

Yeah, heard this, heard that.

Until yesterday.

When news arrived that the third movie in this franchise has found a director – Garth Davis, who directed the films Lion and Mary Magdalene.  And it also found a lead actor in Jared Leto.

Holy smoke.  The guy who won an Oscar for Dallas Buyers Club, and who played the Joker in the Suicide Squad film, the guy who’s scheduled to appear as Morbius, the Living Vampire in a Sony Spider-Man shared universe film … will be in a TRON movie?

Okay, there’s still many things that must be coordinated – cast, crew, budget, working around COVID-19, whether this will be in the theaters or on Disney+, a whole lotta lotta things…

But … TRON is coming back?  For reals?  Reals?

Listen, I’m a true sci-fi film geek.  I will sit front row in the theater for a Star Wars movie, a Mad Max movie, or a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie (or a Sony Universe of Marvel Properties movie).  So if they can get TRON up and running again …

I am so there.

Don’t let me down, Disney.  I do not do well with teasing.  Trust me on this.