And the Kamala Harris attacks began in four … three … two …

I think that the conservative media had their anti-Kamala Harris attacks ready at the instant.  The moment that Joe Biden selected her to be his running mate – making Kamala Harris the first black woman on a major party ticket; the first woman of South Asian descent on a major party ticket; the first graduate of an HBCU on a major party ticket… the knives came out for her.

The right-wingers criticized everything they could criticize, whether it was real or imagined.

For example, Donald Trump already dropped the “n” bomb on Harris – calling her “nasty” over and over again.

Oh, you mean when Harris essentially dog-walked Kavanaugh up and down the Senate floor?  You call Harris nasty to Kavanaugh, what about calling Kavanaugh nasty for what he did to Christine Blasey Ford?

If that doesn’t bring back some queasy memories for Republicans, how about this one, where Harris immediately ripped through Bill Barr, exposing him as the bumbling toady we all know him now to be?

Oh, but that hasn’t stopped some attackers.  Already there are those who question whether Harris is qualified to assume the job of Vice Presidency, in that they question whether her mother was an American citizen at the time of Harris’ birth.  Yep, it’s Birther 2.0.

Or that there’s some alleged claim that she’s not really black.  That she’s technically “Jamaican,” because her father came from Jamaica.  Of course, look at who came up with this.  Dinesh D’Souza.  Ugh.

Oh and they’ve also tried to attack Harris by claiming she’s a sex-crazed opportunist who slept her way to the top.  And who came up with that theory?  Jack Burkman and Jacob Wohl, the kings of the “I have a press conference about some lurid claim that _______________________ is a secret _____________________ and here’s someone we hired off of Craigslist to vouch for us” trope.

You know what I think?  I think Joe Biden saw what happened in July 2019, at one of the Democratic Presidential debates, when Harris challenged Biden on his stance on working with racist senators in the past, along with decisions made regarding busing in the 1970’s.  You remember, right?

Here’s the thing.  Biden remembers.  Biden remembers that Harris is smart.  She’s dedicated.  She proved that she deserves a chance to be his running mate.  In Harris, Biden sees someone who will not only work WITH him, but will also help GUIDE him when decisions become difficult.  He doesn’t need a sycophant, or a toady, or a VP who goes “yes, sir, no, sir, three bags full.”

And the big date may be November 3rd … Election Day … but keep your eyes on October 7, because  that’s the date of the Vice Presidential Debate.  Kamala Harris v. Mike Pence.  And if you think Harris took Brett Kavanaugh and Bill Barr to the woodshed earlier … order your popcorn now.