Wait, now I get a new Goanna LP? Did I die and go to heaven??

Last Friday, I blogged about a brand new single from the Oz rock band Midnight Oil, a song called “Gadigal Land” that is a real ass-kicker of a track.

Today, I found out that another of my favorite 80’s Oz rock bands – the folk-rock collective Goanna – has a new release as well.

Goanna’s new album is a live recording from a 1985 concert in Canberra, and it’s part of a series of Australian “Desk Tape” recordings.

Here’s a link to more information about the album, which can be ordered and/or purchased through various streaming servicesAnd here’s a link to the album itself, as well as the streaming services that support it.

The “Desk Tape” series is a set of soundboard live recordings of some of Australia’s greatest musicians, and the tapes are now being released as benefits for a collective that supports Australian roadies and gear haulers.  There’s a Men at Work “Desk Tape” from a 1982 Christchurch, NZ concert, performed and recorded just before the band’s first big hit “Who Can It Be Now?” became an international conqueror.

Other “Desk Tape” collections include concerts by Oz rock bands Australian Crawl, Redgum, Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons, TISM and the Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band.  Upcoming releases could include concerts from Midnight Oil, Mental as Anything, the Models, and many more.

(crossing fingers) Please include a Dragon concert, preferably from the mid-1980’s, please, please, pretty please… (/crossing fingers)

The thing is, these recordings are awesome time capsules.  And purchasing them helps support the backbone of Australian concerts – the road crew.  These are the blokes that can find anything (and everything) a band needs before the show, whether it’s a Hammond Organ or a didgeridoo.  No, I’m not going to explain what a didgeridoo is.  Look it up on Wikipedia and educate yourself.

Anyways, I bought the Goanna concert album, and man oh man it just rocked. Nothing more to say.  It rocked.  Rocked like I was back in college and that original LP of Spirit of Place arrived at our radio station as an out-of-country import.  Yes.

Keep this up.  This is good stuff.