The racehorse that made a right turn

I’ve seen many things at horse racing tracks.  I’ve seen a horse buck his rider and keep on racing with the rest of the thoroughbreds.  I’ve heard of horses with silly names like Bofa Deez Nutz and Hoof Hearted.

But this story takes the cake.

And we have to go to West Virginia, to a track called Hollywood Casino at Charles Town.  Pay attention to Horse #9, a 9/5 favorite named River Crossroad RVF.

What the – did the horse just make a right turn into the paddock area?  Was there something in the paddock that caught the speedy horse’s attention?  Possibly a nice filly?  A bucket of oats?  A chance to audition for the remake of National Velvet?

Okay.  This has to be an anomaly.

Let’s now move to August.  River Crossroad RVF is back at the Charlestown track.  And is racing again, battling Doctor McCoy for the lead.  And as the horses dueled, take note that the announcer couldn’t help but sneak in a few references to River Crossroad RVF’s previous track appearance.

Okay.  Nice win.  River Crossroad RVF’s previous race must have been some sort of miscommunication.

So now we go to a Charlestown race from this weekend.  River Crossroad RVF is the 6/5 money favorite, he’s battling J J Wedgit Man and a few other stallions for the lead, and…

So I figured it out.  The horse is thinking, “Yeah, this is fun, but I’m done now.  I’m going back to the stable and chomp on some hay or drop some manure or something.  Smell ya later.”

I mean, what in the name of Zippy Chippy is going on here?  Either the horse wins or he gives up?  DNF – win – DNF …

Well, there is this theory that horses are smarter than humans expect them to be.  I betcha River Crossroad RVF is thinking to himself, “Yeah, this is a good workout, but I ain’t getting any closer to the Kentucky Derby from here.  I’m going back to the paddock and get me a couple of fillies and see how much I can pull for my owner in stud fees.  Bom chicka wow wow neigh, bay bee.”

I mean, I haven’t seen anybody go wide right in a more pivotal moment since the day Scott Norwood …

What, too soon? 😀