So I’ll sleep on the floor. As long as someone else doesn’t.

The news came over my Facebook feed, arriving with the sound of a clarion call.  Who will help?  Who can help?

One of my neighbors owns a business, and one of her co-workers, a young adult who was barely past the age of 18, was thrown out of her living residence and told not to come back.  All she had was the clothes on her back and very little else.  My neighbor asked if anybody in the neighborhood had a bed they could spare.

I wrote back.  I have a mattress.  I can spare that.  All I need is the address, and I could walk it over to them, or they can pick it up from my place.

Arrangements were made.  I dropped the mattress off on Friday.

Okay.  Now I have to get a bed for myself.

Let me explain.

In 2016, I purchased a fold-out sofabed from Huck Finn’s.  The mattress for that sofabed was a cheap mattress (that should have been evident when I said “I bought it at Huck Finn’s”), and over the time, the mattress’s wire coils pierced through the mattress, making for many uncomfortable and sleepless nights.  In 2019, I tossed the mattress out, and ordered a custom-made foam mattress that would fit into the fold-up sofabed.  The first few times I used the mattress, it was comfortable.  But then the mattress got jammed into the sofabed, and wouldn’t come out without a massive struggle.

I shouldn’t have to put up a fight to put up a good night.

So I pulled the mattress out of the sofabed (thus coverting the sofabed into a sofa) and I kept the mattress in another room of my house.  I slept on that.  Yeah, it was a mattress and it was on the floor.  No box spring, no frame, nothing.

Trust me, I’ve slept in college dorm rooms with mattresses that had the softness of chemistry textbooks.  Don’t give me grief.  I’m a bachelor, I don’t need a big four-poster California King bed.

But when the request came for help, I knew what to do.  If someone is in that much distress, you help.  You give what you can, or as St. Theresa of Calcutta once said, “You give until it hurts.”

Believe me, I can purchase a bed any time I want.  So maybe some day I will get that four-poster California King bed that will be too big for my bedroom.

But for now, I’ll be happy sleeping in my recliner, or on the floor.

Because I know that someone in distress won’t be sleeping on the floor tonight.

And that’s more important.