Welcome to the List of Champions

I won’t lie.  I hold onto slights like a bear trap holds onto a hiker.

Many, many years ago, when I first started entering my photos in competitions, I tried submitting my shots into the Capital District Photo Regionals.  The Photo Regionals are the preeminent show for local photographers, and I had hoped that something I captured would make the cut.  But they didn’t.

I was frustrated, but determined to continue on.

And then someone commented about how my photos were best suited for county fairs, and not for serious shows like this.

Yeah.  There’s the bear trap.

So it took some persistence and it took some efforts.  But eventually I was able to install a photo into the Photo Regionals.

Then another.

And another.

It’s 2020.  And as I walked into Albany Center Gallery a few days ago …

There’s my name.  On a digital screen, a rotating list of fellow photographers who made the cut.

And right near that digital sign … is After the Rain.

This is my aluminum print of the drenched dandelion.  To make the cut like this is incredible.

And then, my “high-concept” photo from 2019, Five Tickets to Ride Day and Night

It’s over there, on another wall.  And both photos have “Honorable Mention” listed on them, as they had received honors from the curating judge.  That’s never happened before with my Photo Regionals entries or submissions.  Never before.

I’m still stunned that it happened.  Stunned and surprised and excited.

And for a moment … that bear trap has finally opened, and the hiker can escape.

But that doesn’t mean the bear trap is no longer active.

I still want to enter my artworks in the San Francisco Bay Month of Photography competition.  And maybe the Hariban competition in Tokyo.  And there’s a show in the United Arab Emirates that keeps catching my attention.

Oh yeah, and the county fairs are still in play.  I don’t ever forget where I came from, or how I started out.

No chance for that. 😀