Chuck versus WordPress: or, why did WP fix what wasn’t broken?

So on Friday, October 1, WordPress jerked its “Classic Editor” function away from me, in favor of this new “fill in the blocks and do it our way” functionality. It caught me off guard, which led to a quickie post on Friday. I already had a timed post for Friday evening (my WHCL playlist for that night), but trying to assemble my Saturday “What’s Up in the Neighborhood” blog post was a freakin’ nightmare. I did it, but honestly it looks like onions.

So today, I need to find out how to work with this new WordPress editor. Now supposedly I could pay a big batch of money and get the classic editor restored, but I like to keep my blog costs low, and I love that my blog is free of pop-up advertisements and autoplay gimmicks that distract from the blog flow.

All right. Let’s see if I can work with this.

Test one. Can I do what I used to do in the past, by typing in a YouTube URL and having the video appear? For example, if I’m doing a K-Chuck Radio blog, I need this to work for me.

Okay. Test away.

Well now. Okay, this works.

Now let’s check the Twitter feed. Can I add something from my Twitter page, simply by adding a link, and having it pop up?

Testing, testing, one two three…

All right, that works as well.

Now what if I want to link to a photo on my Flickr page? Will I be able to copy the URL and post it here? Let’s see.

Automatic Wash
Remnants of old car wash price sign at abandoned car wash facility. AGFA Clack camera, Kodak Ektar 100 film. Photo (c) 2014 Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.

Well, it’ll work, but I still have to insert the caption.

Now comes the big test. I used to be able to drop media into my blog whenever and wherever I wanted. In other words, I could click on a button on my toolbar, a display of my photos and videos would appear, and I could instantly pop a photo into the blog, without using Flickr or YouTube to host it.

Okay, test one. Let’s see if I can pull a picture by opening up the media side bar.

Nope. Wouldn’t let me access it without leaving the page.

Let’s try another trick. There’s a small, unmarked button on the upper left corner. Maybe I can get an image that way.

Okay. That worked. Sorta. It’s a work-around, but as long as I know how to access it, I’ll be fine.

Next test. Can I access any of my hosted videos? Let us see.

Okay. That works as well.

Now for the next test. If I want to show a gallery of images of, oh, let’s say, all my Photo Regionals acceptances over the past ten years, can I do that as a slideshow?

Activate test.

Yep, Jumbuck, Vivaldi’s Pond, Step and Pivot, After the Rain, Five Tickets to Ride Day and Night. We’re good.

Yeah, this will take some getting used to. I’m not going to lie to you. I don’t like being FORCED to make changes. When I have something that works, I keep it. I’m not someone who buys a new car every two years for the sake of owning a new car. I drive my car until it can’t drive another inch, and then I coax five more miles out of it. Same thing with phones, same thing with computers, same thing with my camera gear.

Trust me, Nikon’s been begging me to get one of their Z-series mirrorless cameras, and I’m more interested in acquiring a second Nikon Df (the silver model) and use it in conjunction with my current Nikon Df (the black model) for some stereoscopic digital photography in the future.

Now maybe there are other features to this upgraded blogging platform that might capture my fancy.

But for now, I’d rather be able to re-do what has worked for me in the past, rather than re-invent what MIGHT work for me in the future.

That’s just me, I guess. 😀