McGreevy Pro Lab saved my ass. Saved ten years of my ass.


I always give credit to those who have been there for me. That includes McGreevy Pro Lab, a film developer and print shop in downtown Albany. They have been my pro lab of choice for the lion’s share of my Competition Season artworks. They will do whatever it takes to satisfy their customers, and they usually expect me to bring in some wonky old film or some infrared or some cracked-open 35mm film or something else that’s out of the ordinary. I think they appreciate it as a challenge. And it works out more often than not.

I mention this, because a few months ago, my computer’s external hard drive crapped out. It developed a click-click-click of death. All efforts to recover the precious ten years of personal archive have proven fruitless.

Yeah, Chuck is depressed over the thought.

So when I did mention this to someone at McGreevy Pro Lab, they said something that perked up my spirit.

“You know, we have every image you ever sent us.”

Yeah, I know, you processed every image I sent you.

“No, Chuck, we have everything you ever sent us. It’s still on our servers. We don’t throw anything away.”


Okay, let’s test this.

How far back can you go?

The staffer quickly clicked a mouse on the computer. “You’ve been sending us stuff for ten years now. We have all of it.”

Wait, you have every image I’ve ever sent you in terms of competition season? All the way back to 2010? The Lighthouse at Peggy’s Cove? Destination Voyage Rouge et Bleu? Lodge’s in Polaroid Polablue?

The Lighthouse at Peggy’s Cove.

“Bring a flash drive to us, and we can make you a copy of what we have.”

Where’s my flash drives?

So last Friday, I stopped by McGreevy Pro Lab. Handed them an 8gig flash drive. 4 1/2 gigs later, they handed it back.

Took it home.

Popped it in the computer.

And it was just like the Gospel according to John, Chapter 11, Verses 38-43…

And my photos were Lazarus.


I immediately burned a copy of the flash drive to a DVD, then I duplicated the flash drive to my internal hard drive.

Whew. Bullet dodged. So if I ever need high-quality prints of any of those photos – Jesus Saves, Washington County 2:30 A.M., The Jumbuck, all of them …

I can make them.

Thanks ever so much, McGreevy Pro Lab. This is why your customers keep coming back to you. Because you go that extra mile for your customers.

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